Why do I write?

My parents told me that when I was a little girl, they'd always find me immersed in several books. Apparently I'd always sit there, even before I could read, with a book in my hand, albeit upside down haha. 

I was a bit of an advanced reader in Primary school. We all had the colour stickers of what section of books we were on. For example, blue = younger readers, yellow = older readers and whilst the majority of my class were on blue, I was ahead on yellow. I'd read at any opportunity I could, I've always loved the world of fiction.

Then when I got older, I found myself becoming influenced by several authors, LJ Smith being one of them. I absolutely adore her writing and the plot lines she creates. I always fall in love with her characters! I'd always write short little extracts and I was forever getting in trouble for day dreaming haha. In Maths in year 11 I was sat by the window and I'd always stare out of it imagining and creating new worlds, new characters and situations. When the teacher wasn't looking, I'd scribble them down.

Of course I was writing before secondary school, but it was only secondary school that I started taking it more seriously. One day whilst browsing the internet, I stumbled across Protagonize. I joined instantly, finding it was right up my street. I was quickly welcomed, I still remember the very first person who commented on my wall was Westrina haha. Everyone here was so helpful and I found my writing gradually improving. 

I had always had this small idea at the back of my head that I wanted to write as a career, but now that I am 16 I know it's definitely what I want to do. I can't imagine doing anything else, I'm determined to achieve it. I took English literature and English language A levels at my local college in hope that it would improve my writing haha. Hopefully going to go on to study English/Creative Writing at University soon too!

The reason why I write though is just simply to escape. I've never had a tough life at all so when I say escape, I don't mean it negatively, I just mean that when you have the power to do anything, to create anything, it becomes almost addictive. You can make whatever you want happen, you can control lives and invent impossible situations. My characters normally reflect aspects of my personality which is why it's quite easy to write for them. 

It just always makes me happy when I can pick up a pen, or load up Protag + just make things happen, escape to the world of fiction. It's seriously addictive!

That's mainly why I write. :)

The End

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