10 Reasons Why I Write

I don't really know what to call this piece, but hopefully I will know by the end of writing it.

I'm not going to bore you with all the reasons [because it makes me smiles, it gives me hope, bla bla bla] why I write. No, because you'll be here all day, reading through the reasons other people have put in their chapters. So I'll just put a few in a list. I think 10 would be a good round number. What do you thing? =P Yep, so here goes!

  1. I'm a creative person - when it comes to creative writing, art, music; anything except dancing because I was born with two left feet.
  2. It's something that I never get bored of - I find it hard to comit to any other hobby I have taken up.
  3. Well yes, I suppose it does make my happy. (:
  4. I can write down my emotions rather than take them out on other people - not that I'm an angry and violent person. It's just that we all need a way to release bottled up emotions.
  5. English is my favourite subject - even if it is the cause of 1500+ word essays.
  6. When I'm bored [or grounded] I can just grab a pen and just write away.
  7. I like writing things that make people laugh - so it's so rewarding when you see on of your readers with a big smile on their face.
  8. I find it easier to write things down then say them.
  9. ^People do not judge you on appearance, religion, race or anything like that when they read your words.
  10. Some people just like writing full stop.

Wow, it looks like I found my title! (:

The End

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