Behind the Words.

Learning that I want to write was not a self-taught thing, it was pure coincidence. I just happened to be very imaginative as a kid. That, and I knew lots of big words that sounded great when you said them in conversation.

Ok, so I wrote my first poem when I was 4, as soon as I could write.

It was a poem about 'The Land of my Imagination' (the actual title) and my mum still keeps it - with the little drawing I did to go with it - in her bedside drawer. That was my beginning.

It is known only by myself (and now you) that I am a social retard. I have always played by myself when I was small, and hardly bothered with anyone else. This is because I wanted to imagine myself in a story, making up my own friends, with a fresh adventure every day.

This went on whilst the very few like me did the same elsewhere in the playground, the rest of the boys played football, and the rest of the girls stared at the boys playing football. So becoming a social idiot was basically of my own doing.

I have plenty of friends, it's just the overly stereotypical that seem to think i'm weird. -_-

But, in compensation for embarrassing myself every time I go to school nowadays, I can read better than most in my class, and write pretty awesome too, though I do say so myself. It's just maths I suck at now - never ask me to add or multiply anything, or I will slap you ;)

******* that I've got that breif attempt at describing something - I've read it back to myself and I'm sure it's more of a personal writing history than a reason why I write, so I've confused myself now - I guess I should just write clear and [pretty] simple my reasons:

  1. To try and make others feel the same way I do when I read a good, comfortable book. That's why I want to be a writer (probably).
  2. To show off a little I guess, If I'm being truthful - (I failed at the 'showing' and 'off' parts, everyone else is so much better xD)
  3. To immerse myself in a world I can escape to whenever I want, and give the characters a life of their own to live.
  4. And finally, to please my mum, because she always tells me she loves my writing, so I love to make her happy  x)

Thanks for reading! Your might be none the wiser by the end of this but, ah well. But one thing I know for sure... want to tell us why you like writing too, right?....

.....go know you wannnnaaaaa.......*nudge nudge*


The End

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