By His Bed Side

His hands were cold and I held them as if my energy could travel to his body. His eyes looked empty like he was just a shell. The flutter of his heartbeat caused the machine by his bed side to beep. I took the scissor that had been laid on my lap and slowly moved to the tube that was holding the last string of his life. I forced myself to push back my tears as I kissed him on the cheek. <<Why was I sad? This is what was right. He could be free from this nightmare.>> I whispered in his ear “I love you” and then I closed the scissors on the white tube. He was gone. He would finally be in peace. I listened as the machine stopped beeping and the red liquid in the tube i had cut slowly dribbled out on to the shockingly white floor. The smell of disinfectant flooded my nose and i could hear a baby's cry in the background. The doctors would be here soon. I had to leave. I slowly stood up and began to climb out the window. I glanced at his sad looking face one last time and then I left. He was free.

The End

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