A life vending...

I've been sat here a week...

And i've got to admit next door aren't the golden wonders' they make themselves out to be. Don't even get me started  on those flaming doritos trying to make out they're Mexican, I'm sorry but have you seen that colouring? And the size of them?  I know I'm from the good old British Walkers association and therefore prejudice towards anything to the west of Ireland, and well...from any other point on the compass, but that's just sheer greed! Who honestly will openly admit that they are that hungry at dinner time? Especially round here...It's all Salads and Wraps, fruit salads and no fruit cake, lunchtime crackers and cheese without a packet of crisps. I feel sorry for Nic and Nac next door but one, they said it usually takes a month for one of them to be released. I hate to admit the fact that I'm a lot more popular than any of them. I know I'm only 45p and a few of them are 50, but isn't it quite obvious that clearly I'm the most desirable, the most tempting, the most filling?
Here they come...I just know it's going to be me today! I wonder if I'll go solo or on a nice cheese sandwich...I may even be put away in someone's bag and be saved for later!
There it is, that coin landing, that button pressing, that crinkle of my beautiful green coating, that push, that freedom, that hand, that crunch...


For anyone who didn't get it, it was a vending machine!!!

Right now for wordy words...

1. Pencil
2. Rubber
3. Ruler
4. Bag
6. Desk
7. Paper
8. Homework
9. Teacher
10. School

Hope these words aren't rubbish because this exercise is great!

The End

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