"His name will be Burning Desire"


Back at Oli's again, and having a blast.  Oli had an amazing CD from our favorite movie, and he had played it.  We were all dancing our hearts out, it was so great!!! Then Oli got another idea,

"lets play a board game!" he said.

"With three people!?" said Sophie, "I don't think so!" then we went back to dancing. Oli's face went really down, 

"We could always play with the horses!" I said to them jokingly.

Sophie stared at me for a second then burst out laughing. I started saying that I was serious, but halfway through I myself burst into giggles...Oli was soon rolling on the ground with the rest of us.  I could make Oli laugh, even when he was in his worst mood!!!

Within twenty minutes we had ended up outside with the horses, though not to play a board game. We were trying to help Sophie give her horse a name.

"How about Starlight?" I said, "he does have a star on his head." Sophie shook his head. "Bandit? Bolt? Caper?" Sophie shook her head at all of these too. Finally I said, "Lets ride back to my house, maybe we'll think of something on the way." So we went back to my house, where bad news awaited.

Arriving back at the house, we saw Sophie's truck in the driveway.

"I told him you would take me home!" Sophie said exasperatedly, "Why is he so impatient!" I knew Sophie loved her dad dearly, but she did get annoyed at how over-protective he was sometimes. Still discussing this, we walked into the house.

The atmosphere was not as usual. It was dull and depressing instead of exciting and bright.  I noticed this immediately, but Oli and Sophie must have not because they chattered on happily.  We walked into the kitchen, and I was dreading what was inside.

We saw Mom and Sophie's dad whispering quietly. We stopped suddenly, Sophie and Oli had just realized that something unusual, maybe even bad, was going on.  The silence hung in the air, the only noise was the parents whispering.  Finally, I couldn't stand it any more, I cleared my throat. Mom and Michael sat bolt upright.

"Hello kids," said Mom, "How was your afternoon?" I could tell she was covering something up. Then Michael stood up.

"Sophie, I need to tell you something," he said. I knew at this point Sophie had figured out that there was something unfortunate going on.  Before she followed her father to the sitting room, she leaned over to me and said,

"His name will be Burning Desire."

The End

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