Lucas- Black


Getting out of the car, I stood and watched the people in the large stable. An unknown girl was tying her white horse to the poll, a couple of adults signing paper work and, many very stable looking horses.

Keeping in the shadows, I peeked into the stalls. The horse seemed like well-bred and well-kept. Good breeding, sturdy feet, tall, graceful and what not, but there was truly nothing special about any of them. They all had the same chestnut eyes and fat stomachs, brown, white, chesnut, spotted. None of those colours suited me.  

As I peered through the last window, my eyes caught the site of a dark black mare. Carefully entering her stall, I stood to examine her. There was something alluring about her, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

I began examining her knees and legs in general. It seemed her ankles were week, but there was nothing I couldn’t work with. All in all, she seemed a quality mare, fine and well bred. But what seemed to keep me captive was her color... Black. It suited my personality and appearence well. I was dressed in black with white sneakers, it seemed the horse wore a similar coat of black with four white hooves, would that not be a spectacuar sight on the race track?

"Let’s test you're speed, shall we?" I muttered, as I softly climbed onto her black, silken back. I didn't need a saddle. It seemed better to first test the horses potential by riding bare back, or perhaps I was simply too lazy to bother with a saddle. I gripped onto her mane and spurred her into a gallop.

 I began to run a few rounds. She seemed fast enough, well trained and tame. Slowly, my gaze faded from the horse's back, to a beautiful young lady sitting by the field. The pretty pale complexion, the long dark hair and clear pale skin...she was definitely a beauty worth a few glances.

I slowed down to a canter, keeping my eye on the girl, before quickly looking away, frowning at my own absent minded fantasies. I quickened the horse into a fast gallop as my gaze drifted back onto the track. I came to buy a horse, not be a common cliché and pick up women.

The End

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