As we raced towards Oli's house I felt the usual freedom and lightheartedness that came with riding. As the house came into view, I spotted my favorite cousin wearing his favorite black shirt and a pair of worn out jeans.

"Hey Oli!" I called, as we slowed to a canter, then a trot, he mounted. Unlike Sophie and I, Oliver had his own full grown mare, Silverwing. Before we started back up again Sophie yelled,

"Stop!"  I reigned Starlight to a sudden stop, and Oliver nearly fell of Silverwing in surprise.

"Thank you," Sophie said, who had stopped Strawberry neatly, "I need to tell you two about the stables that I got our new foals at!" I stared at her, wondering why this was so important. Sophie then went into a detailed story about the stable, mostly about the owners daughter.

"And I think we should ride over there and talk to her," she finished, "I didn't seem like she had many friends."

So off we went, towards Tree Ridge Racing Stables to get to know the unknown girl, Aria.

The End

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