"I'm Winning!" Sara called as she raced ahead of me, aboard the speedy buckskin mare, Starlight. "Not on your life!" I spured Strawberry on as we entered a large empty field on the way to Sara's cousin, Oliver Newman's  house.

Oliver is shy, lighthearted guy who prefers to be alone rather then in big groups. Oliver has short cropped blonde hair and emerald green eyes, that makes him look extra cute. Like My father, Oliver's dad run a high powered racing stables, one that always rivals hat of my fathers.

We raced across the field, our horses hoove's stricking the ground in perfect harmony, their manes dancing in the wind, their tails streaming behind them like a banner.

We slowed to a canter then to a trot as we approached the small entranced to the dusty tail, leading to Oliver's place. The horses paces picked up as the familiar sight of the barns and training rings came into view. And waiting by the gate, in a black shirt and jeans was none other than Oliver himself.

The End

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