The Barn

As we walked into the barn Sophie asked me what I was going to name the filly.

"Bubbles," I replied immediately. She laughed, I always made her laugh! "What are you going to name yours?" She looked at me for a minute with a puzzled look before,

"I have absolutely no idea! I'll have to back to you on that one!"After the foals were settled in their own stalls we went to get my mom's horse, Strawberry and my dad's, Starlight. As we mounted Sophie looked as if she was thinking hard.

"I really don't know what I'm gonna name him!" she cried finally. I stared at her, she wasn't usually this ornery about something this small. I decided to ignore it.

"I'll race you to Olivers!" I said, already pushing Starlight into a gallop.

"Nope!" Sophie yelled gaining on me, "Not a chance!" and she was ahead, laughing again.

The End

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