Rival In The Making


"Nice to meet you Aria" said Dad, "You too" said Aria, though I could easily tell she wasn't very impressed with me or my Dad. The woman, who must have been Aria's mother stepped forward and held out her hand for my dad to shake "My name is Elise Sampson, I appreciate you taking my call and the time to come out here" "No Problem, oh and by the way my name is Michael Craig" Dad shook Elise's hand. "This way to the horses" said Aria and she led the way to the last stable block on the end of the courtyard, by the training rings.

We stopped at the 3rd stall where a pretty bay mare was pulling at her hay net while a little tough bay colt with a striking star on hir forehead was romping around the large stall, trying to play with his mother, who wasn't interested at all.

"Whose the sire?" asked Dad "Bold Ruler wasn't it?" Elise asked Aria who nodded, clearly board "Secretariat'sire" she said, Dad raised his eyebrows, cleary impressed "But why would you sell a foal from Bold Ruler?" he asked "Becuase the mare is rubbish" said Elise, My Dad started squabbling with Elise that no horse is rubbish before moving off to the next one "Random" I said.

I entered the stall and the foal looked at me with bright brown eyes, where as the mare was a little more edgy and nickered a warning to her foal, who completely ignored it. Typical. I stroked the foals head and he nibbled experimentally at my fingers, but obviously found that didn't taste as nice as proper horse feed because he stuck his tounge out in replusion and I chuckled.

"You got a way with horses, I'll admit that" said Aria from behind me, I looked at her, she was leaning against the wall, studing me with thoughs fierce silver eyes. "Ah if you say so" I said, obviously not believing her, Aria rolled her eyes "You don't believe me" said Aria "Thanks for stating the obvious" I said while scratching the foal behind the ears.

"Why do you hate me so much?" asked Aria, the question caught me by surprise, "I don't hate you, but I don't like you either, it's netural since I barely know you" Aria didn't look convinced. "You think I find you and your dad unimpressive" for someone who I've just met, Aria was pretty good at figuring out what my opinion on things were. "Well you looks of distaste gave it away" I admitted, Aria snorted "If that's what you think, it's fine by me, but just to let you know I wasn't looking at you or your dad for that matter" and she stormed off. Out of all the most radom outbursts I've ever seen, Aria's took the prize, and I had a feeling we were going to be rivals for some time.

Dad decided to take 2 foals, the a playful chestnut foal and the tough little bay foal with a star on his forehead. While Dad and Elise finished the paperwork, I went to the nearest training ring, and to my surprise Aria was riding on a pure white stallion, over a course of jumps. She was good, and her horse was totally relaxed and enjoying himself, tossing in a playful buck every now and again. Aria stopped in the middle of the ring, jumped off and lead the horse over the the gate. She tied the reins to the post and yelled at the nearest stable hand to take care of him while she went to get a soda. Naturally I scoffed at that, because that was just plain rude and horrible to her horse, but I dropped it because Dad called me.

We left Tree Ridge Stables and headed for my best friend Sara's house. My Dad promised to give her one of the foals,and I knew she'd pick the filly, as thoughs two both have the most playful personalities known to man. 

The End

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