I absolutely couldn't wait! Sophie's dad had called the night before telling me that Tree Ridge had asked him to buy some foals. He couldn't keep all of them, so he asked me if I would like one.

"Of course I would!" I said. He then told me that he would bring them over and let me choose after he bought them.

I smiled. As I watched out the window for their truck to come into view. After I chose my foal Sophie and I were going to go riding, my favorite sport.

A few minutes later I saw a billow of dust coming down the road.                 "They're coming!" I squealed, running out the door.

As they pulled into the driveway I waved vigorously. Hopping out of the car, Sophie also waved. Seconds later her dad opened the trailer.                      "Take your pick," he said. I walked around the back and stared at the foals. Suddenly, a beautiful chestnut filly came into view from behind another foal. My eyes widened.

"That one," I pointed, "Please." Sophie grinned, "I knew you would pick her!" she said as her father led the filly out of the trailer.

Attaching a harness to her, I led her away towards the barn. Sophie followed quickly, guiding her horse and waving to her father as she left.

" 'Bye Dad!" she called, "I'll see you at dinner!" Then she began racing to the barn, me running after her.


The End

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