Burning Desire (discontinued until further notice)

When Sophie's Dad is forced to sell the farm, and all its horses, Sophie is devistated to learn that her favourite horse, Burning Desire, has been sold to the slaughter house. Sophie teams up with her best friend Sara and her cousin Oliver, a fierce girl named Aria from a rival stable and Hayden, the head stable hand at Tree Ridge Racing Stables. Can they save the beautiful Bay Colt or not?


I rubbed the morning fog off the car window and peered outside. Horses were grazing lazily under the early November sun, swishing there tails at the clouds of flies around them. "Almost There" said Dad from the drivers seat, I looked at him and smiled. At first glance you'd never think that he and I were related. Dad had curly brown hair that was always hidden by that goofy hat he wears, his skin was far darker than mine and his eyes were a vibrant brown, that always twinkled when he talked about horses or me. I was more like Mum, with my Straight jet black hair, pale complexion and electric blue eyes, I looked more like some person from Antartica then Australia. We drove through an arch that said in curved writting at the top

Welcome To

Tree Ridge Racing Stables

"Tree Ridge?" I asked "This is that new racing stable isn't it?" Dad glanced at me quickly "Yep, The owner called me a few days ago, wondering if I would buy a few broodmares and foals from her." I looked ahead. 3 huge white barns with black trim were place around a central courtyard, with stable hands racing around yelling at each other for things to be done, 2 arenas were set up with jumps and things out to the left while a small racktrack had been built out to the right, 6 paddocks - 3 on either side of the dustry road we were on - stretched straight forward, towards the main highway.

Dad parked the car and we were immediately greeted by a women in formal black business clothes with a black folder, and a girl about my age with wavy auburn hair braided over her left shoulder with a silver ribbon and strange eyes - silver- like the moon. The girl studied me with distaste before looking at my dad and introducing herself as Aria.

The End

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