This takes place in highschool. Senior year. Feel free to add, I don't really have a plan for it. :P

"Aw man! We were supposed to have read A Tale of Two Cities by tomorrow?" I complained.  "Why didn't you tell me about this when it was assigned! I asked you what our homework was when I was absent!" 

"I'm sorry Ben!" Jake, my best friend held his hands up defensively, "it slipped my mind! Honest!" 

I sighed heavily. "Now I am going to fail that test miserably."

I ran my hands through my hair. I had no idea what I was going to do. Mr. Tiche had no mercy for students who didn't complete their reading assignments, absent or no. This might even take my grade down a whole letter. 

"Um..." I barely heard the girl behind me shyly clear her throat. I turned and gave her my attention.

For a few seconds she looked shocked, as if she hadn't actually expected to get my attention. "I-" She started, "I could tell you what you need to know to pass the test." She faltered, blushing a little. When she realized she still had my attention she continued on, "We could meet after school..." 

I smiled brightly. "That would be grea-" I was cut off as another girl stepped between us. 

She was gorgeous. Long blonde curls framed a perfect, round face. She had big, cerulean eyes; full, bright lips; and a powder blue beret to top it all off. She smiled at me and I actually lost my train of thought. 

"Hi! My name is Jamie! I can help you with your assignment. We could meet at my house..." She continued with a yet another dazzling smile. 

"Uh..." I started, the other girl had asked me first; but Jamie was drop-dead gorgeous, "that...sounds like fun." I mumbled. Still somewhat unsure. 

"Great!" Jamie replied ecstatically. "And um, I don't have a date for the dance next week..."

She was seriously asking me to be her date! I could barely believe it! 

"Well, neither do I! Do you care to be my date to the dance?" 

Jamie flashed me another smile, "Of course I would!" 

The girl who had first offered her helped made a small, strangled sound and I immediately felt guilty. But it wasn't as if she had given me even the slightest hint that she had wanted a date! And I couldn't say yes to everyone! 

Jamie turned around and smirked at her. She gave the girl a once over and obviously didn't like what she saw. "Oh, did I ask first? Maybe if you were dressed in clothes that actually matched and put on a little make-up you could have kept his attention. No, make that a lot of make-up." 

I looked on in complete shock, barely registering what had just happened. The girl face contorted and I could tell she was trying to hold back tears. She got up and was turning to leave and smashed into someone passing by with a tray of food. There was ketchup, mustard, and relish all over her shirt and her mouth opened in a round "o" of shock. 

"Wait!" Jamie called in concern, "Don't wipe it off! It adds to the homeless look you have going!" Make that fake concern. 

I saw tears well up in the girls eyes as she turned and fled the cafeteria. I just sat in shock as Jamie turned back to me. 

"So, is there a free spot here?" She asked brightly as if nothing had happened.

That snapped me out of my shock very quickly. All her glamour ceased to have any effect on me. I got up and took off after the girl, completely ignoring Jamie. But I caught up just in time to see the door to the girls' bathroom slamming shut. I put a hand in my hair again. I could wait, but...what could I do? What if she didn't come out? 

Just then the bell for class rang. That decided it. I could find her later and apologize for both my ignoring her and for Jamie's behavior. 

I passed Jamie on the way to class, "You can find someone else's life to ruin, I'm not going to the dance with you." I sneered. 

She actually had the nerve to look surprised. How dare she. 

The End

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