Describe something bad that has happened to someone without outwardly saying what happened. The goal is for the audience to know what happened even if the event isn't stated.

Makenzie stood in the doorway. Her blond hair untucked and askew from the tight bun that it had been confined to this morning. her nervous eyes darted around the room with uncertainty, scanning the crowd. As though she was looking for someone. she gnawed at her lip. Her small fingers, usually so precise and careful were knotted together in front of her. Tense. Her shirt, which had been neatly tucked into her pencil skirt and flat ironed that morning had been untucked, wrinkled and one of the buttons towards her midsection was out of place. in a word, she looked unhinged. Eventually her eyes met mine across the room but she looked away after a fraction of a second. Curious, I inched my way towards her, unsure how exactly to approach or what could have brought forth such strange behavior from her. She shuffled down the hallway through the crowd to our shared dorm room, leaving the door open for me to follow. As I entered the room she ran her hand through her tousled hair as though unsure how to begin. I didn't know what to say so I simply waited for her to speak. For what seemed like an eternity we stood in silence. I could tell something had happened. Something terrible. She opened her mouth as though to speak and then quickly closed again as though changing her mind at the last instant as to what she wanted to say. She didn't look at me. I glanced down to realize that her hands were trembling, ever so slightly. This was definitely abnormal behavior. The calm, clear headed, and lighthearted girl that I had come to know was not this fragile, shaken girl standing in front of me. After what seemed like forever, she lifted her gaze to meet my eyes. As I looked at her, I could see the tears welling up just above her lower eyelid. As I watched, the clear fluid drained out the corner of her eye, forming a small tear that fell from her face and landed on the floor between us. She opened her mouth finally willing herself to speak when the door opened unexpectedly. Into the room walked Sarah, our good friend and roommate. after taking one look at Makenzie, she asked "What happened to you?" her voice almost accusatory. Makenzie, who had not known Sarah for very long, raised her gaze from the floor slowly, finally resting to meet Sarah's stare. In astonishment, I watched as she smiled, in such a way that I was almost convinced that it was genuine. Almost. Her smile was too manufactured. I had known Makenzie long enough to know when she was truly happy. Now was definitely not one of those times. However, apparently the stunt was enough to fool Sarah who's gaze instantaneously softened. In an unwavering voice Makenzie simply said "Nothing, I'm fine" continuing her false beam in an attempt to avoid Sarah's interrogation. As I watched, I noticed that the only clue hinting at Makenzie's true feelings lies in her eyes. There is a sadness there. Something missing or maybe broken that was fully functional this morning. Something had changed. The longer I looked, the more obvious the differences became. Her smile was stretched tight over her teeth when normally it would be soft and real. the wrinkles formed around her eyes while her facial muscles stretched were not as pronounced as they had been in times of elation. She was simply different. Finally Sarah dropped the interrogation and left the room mumbling something about an assignment. Alone again, Makenzie dropped the smile. she sat heavily on the bed resting her face in her hands. slowly, she looked up at me and whispered more to herself in a voice that sounded distant, and quiet, that everything would be okay. She didn’t' sound as convincing when her voice broke at the last word.

The End

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