Brody: some wayMature

I can't say I was really expecting Fate to be freaking out under my bed in his wolf form when I got back. I was expecting him to still be asleep, or watching TV or something.

But no. I get him freaking out under my bed. I crouch in the doorway, peering under the bed.

"Fate?" He whimpers at me and I frown a little. "What's wrong?" I ask softly. He gives me another little whimper and stays where he is. I shuffle forward slightly, wondering if moving towards him would be a bad idea. He pokes his nose out from under the bed a short way and I hesitate, moving forward another small step. His nose moves out some more and he sniffs. "It's just me, gorgeous."

He shuffles out from under the bed a tiny bit, looking all scared. I kneel down, holding out my hand towards him, watching as he sniffs it and shuffles out a little bit more. I lie down on my back in front of him - a trick I learnt when I was living with Lazarus' pack. Like I've said, I'm not a fan of submitting to others, but if it stops me getting hurt, or avoids freaking him out more, then I figure it's worth it.

I notice a flicker of confusion in his eyes as he pulls himself out from under the bed completely. Smiling, I carefully reach up to stroke his fur, withdrawing my hand again as he jumps a little. Sniffing me a couple more times, he curls up next to me, and I gently try stroking him again. He shuts his eyes and I roll onto my side, using one arm as a pillow, and wondering if putting the other around him would be okay or not. After a moment or so, I put it cautiously over him, eliciting one of those noises that dogs make when they're happy.

After a while, he's calm enough to transform back into his human form again and I peck his lips. "What was all that about?"

"I... I'm not sure," he tells me. I play with his hair as soothingly as I can and he lets out a quiet hum. "Have... Did I ever let you..." he trails off, and for a moment, I don't get what he means.

"What, let me bite you?" he nods. "Yeah..." he looks at me, that confusion back in his eyes. I sigh, figuring I should probably tell him what happened. I just have no idea how to explain it. "I dunno if you remember, but before, when we were staying with Lazarus and his pack, Brendon somehow got his hands on you while I was out, and... well, there's this other vampire that made you forget me. I got most of your memory back, but it's like there are bits missing from it."

He frowns. "So... I get that, but..."


"I mean, I think I remember."

"But you don't remember letting me bite you? Or that you... um, you enjoyed it."

"Um... I don't ever remember letting you, but I maybe remember not minding it before I met Brendon."

I sigh a tiny bit, "well, I guess it's not really a problem that you don't like it now." So what if that was a tiny lie? I'd figure out a way of controlling myself.

"It's not fair on you, though."

"I'll manage."

"Maybe... Maybe I just need to remember it or something. I feel like I don't know who I am." I press my lips to his gently, not really sure what to say. He kisses back, and I pull him into a cuddle.

"I'm sure we'll think of some way to get your memory back."


The End

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