Fate: FriendsMature

I’m not sure when exactly but I fell asleep at some point while I was waiting for Brody to get back. For all I knew he’d been back already and had gone out again but I could kind of tell he hadn’t. I stretched as I got up, heading for the kitchen in an attempt to amuse myself. I’m not sure how exactly the kitchen would help with that but it was worth a shot. After rooting through the cupboards, I gave up and ordered a pizza. Force of habit would’ve had me making enough food for seven, anyway.

I flicked through the channels once the pizza arrived, trying to find something at least half decent to watch while I ate. But like always, there was nothing except old Friends reruns. Don’t get me wrong, I like Friends but you can only watch each episode so many times.

I was about halfway through my pizza when I felt the skin on my neck start to tingle. I thought back to Brody nibbling at my neck and grazing the skin with his teeth. I guess it wasn’t all that bad but I still didn’t get why he kept doing it. I mean, sure it’s not as bad as actually biting me but if he knows I don’t like it... But then again, why did he seem so confused when I said he knew I didn’t like it? I’d never let him bite me before, what made him think then was any different?

Unless he was just being a typical vampire and was more interested in my blood than me. Okay, so that probably wasn’t the case but what else was I s’posed to think?

He understood why I didn’t like being bitten, though, right? Had I never made that clear, either? Well, for the record, it’s because of Brendon. I hadn’t particularly been opposed to being bitten every now and then before I met him but him tricking me into trusting him and using it as an excuse to use and abuse me whenever he felt like it... Dude, not cool.

Wait... Did I just say I didn’t mind being bitten every now and then? What the fuck? I’d always hated being bitten... hadn’t I? I pulled my knees to my chest, feeling uneasy all of a sudden. What was going on? It felt like I didn’t know myself anymore. And it scared me. But it scared the darker, primal part of me more. I could practically feel the fur bristling beneath my skin. All of my senses were running on overtime. Everything was too loud. The stench of vampire and pizza filled my nose and made my brain feel fuzzy. I grabbed the pizza box and covered my nose. There was half a perfectly good pizza left but I needed it gone. At least then I could focus more on Brody’s scent. Not that it would necessarily calm me down but at least it was familiar and didn’t smell like grease.

I fought to stay on my feet as the rush of scents outside Brody’s place overwhelmed me. By the time I made it back to the couch, I was well and truly freaking out. The sights, the sounds, the smells. They were all too much for me. I exploded into my wolf form through no choice of my own and cowered under Brody’s bed, whimpering slightly.

The End

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