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Almost the moment we got out that cinema, I was hungry. I'd gotten used to being allowed to bite him whenever I wanted, but suddenly, he wasn't into that anymore. Which is kinda confusing...

Either way, I figure given how he reacted to me nibbling at his neck before, I resist the urge to try feeding from him. It's hard, but I make it well into the evening before my stomach starts having a bitch fit at being empty.

We're just cuddling on the sofa, watching TV when my stomach growls at me. Fate glances at my belly, but I'm still trying to ignore it.

"You should probably go feed." I look at his neck, humming, suppressing the rising desire to sink my teeth into him. I hardly notice the kind of confused look on his face, still looking intently at the throbbing arteries and veins just below his skin. I rest my head on his shoulder, though, when he arches his eyebrow, feeling the vibration of his hum as he puts his head on mine.

We stay like that until my stomach complains again. His lips brush against the top of my head, "Brody, go feed."

I look back at his neck, trailing a finger up his neck, tracing the path of a vein. It makes him shiver. I do it again and he shivers some more. "I should go," I don't wait around, gone before he can even draw breath to reply.

My first stop is the seedy motel, to try and get some of Fate's scent off me. I text Fate while I'm wrapped up in the stinky covers, letting him know I'm going to ‘work' at the pits. I don't really want to go work, but I need to feed, and sadly, that's the only place I can really get away with killing a couple people because I'm in a bit of a shit mood.

That and I need to yell at Brendon.

When I get there, Brendon is in his usual seat, watching the CCTV screens.

"You'll be pleased to know it isn't you Dustin is stalking," he tells me as I walk in to start work. I grunt, not really feeling much better about anything for hearing it, and walk outside to the pens to go feed the humans.

Brendon leaves me alone while I work for once, and when I'm done, I wander back inside, waiting for him to tell me to go drain more people than I can stomach, figuring I might as well fit my feeding in with my usual humiliation. But he doesn't say anything until my stomach lets out a loud growl, reminding me that it's still empty.

"Hungry?" I shrug. "When did you feed last?" I shrug again. I don't remember to be honest. "Go pick someone and eat something," he says, rolling his eyes. I walk back out and pick a couple of the humans, not really paying attention to who they are as I sink my teeth into their bloodstreams. I throw the bodies down on the ground and kick them away from me, my mood not improving for having fed.

"You do not appear to be in the best of moods," Brendon so astutely notes, appearing beside me.

"Oh, really?"

"What's the matter?"

I sigh heavily, "Fate doesn't remember everything. He remembers me, but biting him is totally off limits. I haven't found out if he can't remember anything else." Because to be honest, I'd kind of gotten to like being totally and completely intimate with him during sex, and it kind of ruined it just a little bit that I couldn't do that.

Brendon looks all thoughtful for a moment, before coming out with: "Perhaps it may just take a little while for him to fully remember." He thinks about it again in my silence, "Or perhaps it has altered his personality slightly." Well that's a really cheering thought, thank you Brendon.

"Oh good, I really love it when the only person I've ever really cared about suddenly becomes an asshole."

"Is biting him really so important?"

"After what you've done to me," I gesture at the crumpled on the floor a few feet away, "it's the only way I can control my thirst." Unless I employ Lazarus to hang around for whenever I might get hungry.

"I am sorry, Brody, but I cannot think of any way to help you," he says after a few more moments of thinking. I let out another sigh.

"My life's one disaster after another - I'll get over it." Hopefully. He pats me on the back, and my mind turns to what he said earlier. "So who's the brat stalking anyways?"

"That blonde wolf friend of yours." What an idiot. I'm not sure if the fact he got followed in the first place or the fact that he hasn't gotten rid of him yet is worse. 


The End

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