Fate: DinnerMature

"What's all this for anyway?" I asked, sitting at a table in a nice restaurant. Brody had decided at some point that he was taking me out for dinner.

He shrugged, smiling at me. I smiled back, kind of confused, and Brody ordered our food. I was still kind of confused by it. I mean, it’s not exactly like him to go for a meal what with not eating food and all.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm kinda suspicious about all this, though" I chuckled and he laughed a little.

"I can't take the guy I love out for dinner now?"

I laughed a little as well, blushing. "I didn't mean it like that"

He hummed. "I just felt like doing something different. All we seem to do is hide from whichever vampire wants you now or fuck"

"I'm not complaining about the second one" I smirked, making him laugh.

"Neither am I"

I smiled and he smiled back, giving me a baby of a kiss. I kissed back just as our food showed up. I dug in while Brody pretended to eat, kind of watching me. I glanced up at him every now and then, smiling a little. I’d kind of gotten used to him watching me eat. He smiled back, still pretending to eat. He got bored of pretending by the time I finished and actually tried some of what he was pretending to eat. I laughed as he pulled a face.

"You pansy"

"I'm dying" he wheezed, pretending to choke.

I rolled my eyes and he coughed up what he’d eaten, spitting it out on his plate. "Eww"

"Eww, that's gross" I laughed slightly.

He grinned, laughing when I tutted.

"I thought vampires are s'posed to have manners?"

"Maybe the old ones. I'm not old though, so I'm off the hook"

I laughed a little, rolling my eyes.

"Want any dessert?"

I shook my head and he paid the bill.

"What now? Since you seem to be treating me"

"I'm thinking a movie. Preferrably one with an empty theatre" he said, grinning slightly.

I pulled an innocent face and hummed as he slid an arm around my waist. He kissed my cheek and I smiled.

"C'mon then, hotshot"


Brody bought tickets while I went and got some popcorn. I’m not an idiot. I knew we weren’t really going there to watch a movie but we could at least make it look like we were, right? I laughed, shaking my head slightly as I looked at the film he picked out. It was shit. If there were more than three people in there, it’d be a surprise. We sat at the back, away from the few people that thought the movie was actually worth seeing. I nommed some of the popcorn while the lights were still up, still eating once they’d gone down and the trailers had started. I tried not to giggle as Brody planted baby kisses along my neck

"Meanie" I whined as he gave me a hickey.

He hummed, nibbling my neck slightly. He didn’t draw blood but I tensed up a little anyway. He glanced at me, going back to just kissing my neck. I relaxed almost instantly, squeaking in surprise as he groped me a little. He giggled, kissing me and I kissed back. I bit my lip as he went a little harder. He pulled back, frowning a little.


"You okay?" he asked, stroking my neck.

I smiled. "Yeah. It's just kinda hard trying not to get a boner with you groping me" I giggled.

He pulled out the innocent face and groped me slightly. I tutted, laughing a little and he hummed. I tried to focus on the movie as he played with the button on my pants but to be honest, it was so shit it wasn’t really helping. I kept my eyes glued to the screen as he undid it, palming me through my boxers. He kissed me hard and I matched it, moaning slightly as he kept palming me. I kept moaning as he kept palming me, planting baby kisses on my neck. He pushed down my pants and boxers and I bit my lip. I moaned again as he jerked me off a little. He undid his own pants, scraping his teeth over my neck. I tensed a little and he did it again, making me tense up even more.

He stopped. "What?"


He hummed slightly, going straight back to doing it. Dude, what the fuck? I tensed up even more, shuffling away from him a little as he nibbled at my neck. He looked at me, confused.

"Sorry. It's just... You know I don't like it"

"O...kay" he said, sounding confused.

I kissed back when he gave me a baby of a kiss and he jerked me off again. I shut my eyes, moaning. He lubed himself up and pulled me onto his lap. Fuck. I blushed and he hummed, kissing me hard. I matched it, earning a tiny moan from him. I bit his lip gently and he moaned a little louder. I giggled and he smiled. Can’t say I’ve ever had sex in a movie theatre before.

The End

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