Brody: good to have you backMature

So he doesn't remember anything, and I can't try out anything else with him unconscious. After a while of lying there feeling incredibly sorry for myself, I get up, pick up my jacket and head off to the breeding pits. There's no point spending all night considering sitting out on the roof all day, when I could be doing something to distract myself from it instead.

When I get to the CCTV room, Brendon flashes me a curious face, which I ignore. I stick around long enough to hang my jacket up before fucking off back outside to get on with my jobs.

"Did you try it yet?"  Brendon asks, appearing behind me. I jump - I'd been far too focused on what I was doing. He watches me emotionlessly as I turn around to face him. "Well?"

"Sure I tried it," I say, putting on my best poker face. No fucking way am I gonna let him know just how bad the last couple of days has shaken me up.


"He said he's leaving in the morning if he can't remember me," I tell him.

"Does he remember you?" I shake my head and keep working, trying to block him out. "Are you sure you tried everything?"

"No, but he fell asleep." And what do you expect me to do when he's asleep? He looks thoughtful, but I give a tiny shrug. "Whatever. Life goes on."

"Excuse me a moment," he says, not giving me a chance to reply before he vanishes. I barely notice as half an hour slips by. "He might remember you," Brendon announces

"Hmm?" I sort of mumble as I concentrate on what I'm doing.

"I found out what Dustin did to him and mimicked it on one of the humans. They fell asleep before they remembered. Granted they don't remember a thing from the time spent without their memory but..."

I shrug, "He was tired anyways, I guess. It's not like he's had much sleep the last couple days." That earns me a slap around the back of my head.

"Pay attention, foolish boy," Brendon snaps, ignoring me hissing at him.

"Regardless of how much sleep he may or may not have had, there is still a chance he remembers you. But anything you said or did within the past few days he will not remember."

"Probably not a bad thing," I mutter, thinking about how I've made a complete cock of myself recently. He gives me a questioning look that I ignore, finishing up my last task. Which is kind of annoying. I'm here to distract myself, not mope.

"What was the last thing you did before he fell asleep?"

"Fed on him."

"The very last thing."

"Put him to bed." Brendon rolls his eyes at me.

"The last thing he would have connected with." Yeah, I was avoiding telling you for a reason, asshole, but now you've backed me into a corner, haven't you?

"I said I loved him," I mumble, all too aware that my cheeks have lit up.

"You may want to remind him of that," he nods.

"I will if he remembers," I say, sort of looking around for more work to do.

"He will." He might. "Brody," he says, noticing that I'm still looking for something else to do.


"Go home," he tells me and I stop, kind of staring at him. He arches his eyebrow at me. Don't tell me to go home, I'll just mope and be paranoid that he won't remember.

"Why've you been helping me?" I ask, not really thinking before I speak.

"I'm tired."

"Fate said you're lonely..."

"I'm a little of both," he admits. I flash him a tiny smile.

"I'm sure you'll find someone to perk your life up again."

He stretches a little, "I'm far too old for that. Romance is a young man's game."

"They say that an older man is far better than a young one, though," I feel a little smirk pull at my lips. "Fuck it, I would know."

His eyebrow rises towards his hairline, "Oh?"

"He's about..." I hum thoughtfully as I try to remember how old he is. "273 years older than me. If you can stand to talk to a wolf as an equal, I'm sure he'd be able to help you out."

He chuckles, "Get out of here before I change my mind." I smile a little, shrugging on my jacket, feeling somewhat better as I walk back to my apartment.

I settle in front of the TV, putting that Shakespeare crap that Fate likes back on. At least while I'm on my own, it's guaranteed to send me to sleep within about ten minutes.


At some point, I feel someone prodding me. It takes another prod to make me stir a little, and a small kiss to get me even half way awake.

"C'mon, lazy ass, wake up."

I groan, wondering where I even am for a moment, "Why?"

"Because I haven't seen you in forever," he says. Wait, what? I arch an eyebrow, forgetting for a few, sleepy, and incredibly stupid moments, what Brendon said about him not being able to remember what happened. "What's that look for? Last time I saw you was back when we were staying with blondie and the others."


"You okay?" I nod, pulling him down on top of me for a cuddle. He cuddles back and I kiss his cheek, moving my lips up a little so I can whisper in his ear.

"I love you."

Fate gasps a little. "What?" I plant a little kiss on his lips, but he kisses back a lot harder than I thought he might. I let out a chuckle that's somewhere between amusement at his reaction to me finally sorting out my emotions enough to tell him I love him, and relief that he remembers me again.

"What?" he asks, a light blush colouring his cheeks. I smile.


"Tell me," his blush darkens a little.

"Just you," I tell him, giving him a small grin. I smile as he blushes even more, burying his head in my neck. It's good to have you back, gorgeous.



The End

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