Brody: Just woke upMature

My sleep wasn't exactly what you would call restful. I might have had Fate with me, but I might as well have been sleeping with a stranger.

When I wake up, Fate's all snuggled up to me, with his nose pressed against my chest. My hand tangles in his hair of its own accord. He snuggles up to me a little more, and I keep playing with his hair. Apparently I woke him up. I pull my hand away as he yawns, looking up at me. He gives me a little smile.

"Morning, beautiful," he says. I don't reply, too surprised, and too overcome with an inexplicable surge of hope to form any words. He chuckles. "Don't look so surprised." I try to look less surprised, though I'm not sure it works. He kisses my neck and I tilt my head, still kind of unsure, and doing my best to restrain my hope that his memory is back. He plants a few more little kisses on it, making me hum, before putting his head in the crook of my neck. I cuddle him. So what if I'm getting ahead of myself - even if his memory isn't back, you can't blame me for trying to at least enjoy the moment.

"Make me breakfast," he mumbles into my neck.

"I don't have any food in," I mutter. He tuts at that, flashing me a small smile. "We can always have a shower and go out for breakfast?" I suggest. Okay, okay, so the shower bit's kind of a test to see if he'll join me or not; I'm not that bothered if I have one now or later, but whatever.

Another rush of hope chases me as we get in the shower together and he spends most of it snuggling up against me. I wash him, and myself as best I can with him clinging to me. He helps out when I can't reach and I kiss him, turning the water off as he kisses back. When we get out, he dries me off, humming when I do the same for him.

We shuffle back into the bedroom together to get dressed and I hand him some of his own clothes that I find in the wardrobe. Guess he left them here before.

"I wondered where these were," he says with a small smirk. I chuckle and watch out of the corner of my eye as he gets dressed. I pull some of my own clothes on, not really paying attention to what I've picked up. I'm more aware of his eyes on me as I put them on, to be honest. I wander off into the living room to find my wallet.

He stays in the bedroom and once I've found my money, I poke my head around the door to see him sat on the bed.

"Ready?" I ask. He holds out his arms towards me and I go over, bending to give him a hug. He wraps his legs around my waist and I stands, carrying him outside, smiling as he nuzzles me. It kinda reminds me of when I was trying to get rid of him when he was scenting over all my stuff, only this time, I'm not taking him back to his pack. In fact, I have to do my best to avoid them, ‘cause they'll probably wanna kill him if they see him on their turf now.

He kisses my cheek as I walk towards one of my favourite cafes.

"Where are we going, then?"

"A cafe that does good breakfast things." He hums.

He doesn't seem to want me to put him down, so when we get to the cafe, I somehow manage to open the door and get inside. Ignoring the weird looks that Fate clinging to me earns us, I order something for us both, since he seems to be more interested in littering kisses on my neck. I find us a table at the back so I can sit with him on my lap.

He keeps kissing my neck as I cuddle him.

"I missed you," he says and I feel like I can let that hope that his memory is back finally settle.

"I missed you too," I murmur, kissing his neck. He tilts his head, inviting me to do more, so I sort of nibble at his skin a little, making him hum. I'd have bitten him right there, but the waitress decides that that's the perfect moment to bring our coffees and Fate's breakfast over. I watch as he tucks in, smiling as he blushes a little. I look away, down at my coffee.

"How come you always watch me eat?"

I glance back up at that, "what else is there for me to do when I can't eat as well?" I give him a small smile that he returns.

"You could always pretend to eat." I nod, picking up my coffee and sipping at it, trying not to watch as he goes back to eating. I stay focused on my coffee until he's dne eating. Which is when he starts watching me instead. I smile, and he smiles back, returning my kiss a little harder as I press a small kiss to his lips. I match his pressure, nibbling along his bottom lip as he runs his hand through my hair, making him hum. I make him bleed a little. Oops. I lick it up, pressing my forehead against his as he shivers.

"Want anything else while we're here?"

"Nope," he replies.

"Back to mine?"

"Sure," he smiles. I drop some money on the table and carry him back to my apartment, humming a little as he nuzzles me. I put him down on the bed and kneel over him. He shuts his eyes, smiling a little. I kneel over him, kissing his lips and down his neck. When he tilts his head, I push my teeth into his neck.

But before I can begin to drink from him, I feel him tense beneath me. No, no, no, please. I pull back.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he demands, and I frown. He shuffles away from me a little, pressing a hand to his neck where I bit him. He sort of shakes his head at me and slips off to the bathroom. I sit down in the middle of the bed, wondering what the fuck just happened.

Fuck you, hope, fuck you, brain, for making me think things were going to be okay.

"Why did you do that?" I don't say anything. "I asked you a question."

"You were remembering me," I say quietly. I don't look up at him.

"Brody, how could I have been remembering you? I only just woke up." 

The End

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