Brody: Make him rememberMature

So Fate really doesn't remember me. I guess that's good, in a way. For him at least. He can start again and not get involved with me and end up ruining his life.

As for me? I just go to a motel room, roll around on the bed for a while to get his scent off me, and wait til it's time to leave for ‘work'. So I lied to him to get away quicker. Sue me.

I wander over to work, and instead of being greeted with my usual chores, I'm greeted with one extremely rageful child vampire. Y'know that terrifying way kids get pissy? Yeah, like that.

"What did you do with him?" he demands. I give him my best confused face. He grabs me, his anger seeming to grow, "Where is he?"

"Who?" I ask, not really needing to feign horror.

"You fucking know who."

"Dustin, what the fuck are you on about?"

"You were the last one to see him. Where the fuck is my pet?"

I give him my confused face again. "Why would I know? He's where I left him." Which isn't exactly a lie, to be honest.

"And where was that?" I gesture over in the direction of the room that he'd tied Fate up in. He grabs my throat and I feel my eyes widen. Is my acting not good enough for him, or something? I do my best not to struggle as he appears to get even angrier with me, and squeezes. Though I don't hold back on the horrified look.

"Where is he?" he questions, squeezing more. Because that's really gonna help.

"I don't know," I wheeze, clawing at his hand. Unfortunately that makes him squeeze more, "I don't know!" I repeat weakly, struggling against him now.

"Dustin, let go," Brendon finally appears to try and control his psychotic little shit of a sidekick. Who doesn't let go, by the way. "Dustin!" Yeah, that's not making him stop, asshole. I struggle, that good old survival instinct in full swing now. He pulls Dustin off me, slapping him. "Child, you test my patience." Dustin kind of pouts and glares at the same time.

I stand away from them, gingerly rubbing my throat, trying to get my breath back. Before I can even take a full breath in, Dustin tries to go for me again. Brendon slaps him again, harder this time, making the small vampire hiss. He fucks off, all annoyed at Brendon.

I rasp out a ‘thanks', but I finish it with an ‘I think' in my head. I can't imagine he's gonna treat me much nicer to be honest, but y'know.

"You should stand up to him more."

"Y'ever tried standing up to someone when you can barely talk?" I enquire hoarsely.

"You are a vampire, you should not need words."

"Yeah okay, well next time he accuses me of stealing his pet, I'll try it out, shall I?" he leans in close and I look at him. What now?

"I saw you, Brody," he whispers.

"Prove it was me, bitch," I spit.

"Your scent is all over the rope that bound him," he chuckles. Ah, shit.

"Yeah? Who's to say that wasn't from when I was having a go at playing with him before, hmm?" Clutching at straws, anyone?

"It's a different rope," he smiles. I glare. I knew it was too easy getting him out of there.

"Dustin did not trust that I would leave his beloved new toy alone so he switched them."

I chuckle a little bit, "so it was you he didn't trust, but it was me that didn't leave him alone?"

"Ironic, isn't it?"

I hum. "Well if it's any consolation to either of you, he doesn't even remember me. But I don't know where he is. Even if I wanted to help you out, I can't."

"I've been trying to work out exactly what Dustin did to him. The closest I've come is something similar to suggestion."

"Well congratulate him for me, yeah? Only person I've ever really cared about doesn't even fucking remember my name."

"There is perhaps a way of reversing it..."he says, stopping me as I go to leave. Oh, don't even bother, Brendon. Why would you do anything for me?

"Maybe there is, but why would you reverse it for anyone's benefit but your own?"

He sighs, "I am tired of this life, Brody." Why do I not believe you? You seemed to be enjoying it pretty well just a few weeks ago. "You will grow tired of it too."

"I'd already figured that one out, thanks for the mind blowing information there."

He gives me a tiny smile. "I'd thought a son would suffice but..."

"But he turned out to be a psychotic little shit?" I finish his sentence, earning myself a chuckle.

"Make him remember, Brody. That's the only thing that can be done."

"Yeah, whatever. I've got jobs to do, I believe."

"It's your loss if you don't," he says, but he doesn't stop me from leaving to get on with my work this time. I've never been one to take my anger out on humans, but fuck it. Tonight, the vampire inside me can live a little for once. 

The End

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