Fate: What's Your Poison?Mature

Not long after the other vampire left, the little kid one came back and tied me up. Damn, there goes my escape plan. I stood there, all ready to accept my fate as a vampire’s plaything again when in walked the other vampire. Dude, it’s like midday. Shouldn’t you be asleep or something? I looked at the floor and he walked over, starting to untie me. Okay, wasn’t expecting that.

"What are you doing?"

"What I believe I promised I'd do earlier"

I struggled against him a little and he stopped untying me.


"You're just another vampire"

"I can leave you here to be Dustin's play thing if you'd rather” he said, devoid of expression and I stopped struggling. "Yeah, thought so"

I was silent as he finished untying me.

"Can you walk?" he asked and I nodded. "I'll have to get you out of here at my speed so we don't get caught on camera, but after that, I'll let you go"

I didn’t exactly trust him but I went along with it anyway. At least I’d get out of the place, even if I did risk ending up somewhere even worse. He crouched down so I could climb on his back and I did so kind of shakily. Y’know, he was kind of careful with me considering he’s a vampire. He ran to the other side of town before stopping in the shade and letting me down.

"Who are you anyway?" I asked, still not trusting him entirely.

He shoved a few twenty dollar bills in my hand. "Get something to eat. I'll be around if you need me"

"How would I know where to find you? I mean..." I said as he tried to leave.

"I'm at the bar most nights" he said, walking away.

Yeah, I sort of followed him. "I can't believe I'm saying this but is there any way I can make it up to you?"

"Yeah. Don't let them catch you again"


He kept walking and I stopped, changing my mind after a little while and jogging to catch up to him.

"You never told me your name"

His lips twitched a tiny bit. "You know my name"

"I do?" I asked, arching an eyebrow.

He nodded.

"My name's Brody" he said, apparently sensing my confusion.

I shrugged. "Sorry, don't know anyone called Brody"

"It doesn't matter" he sighed slightly, "you should probably try to stay away from me from now on"


"We used to... hang out a lot. Brendon didn't like it so he did whatever it is he did to you to make you forget me and he'll probably kill me if he finds out I let you out"

"I haven't seen him in weeks" I said, confused again.

He shrugged and I stopped walking. He kept walking and I stayed where I was til he was out of sight. I couldn’t remember him but something about him did seem familiar. Like he was just on the edge of my memory or something. I ended up going to a motel since I didn’t exactly have anywhere to go but that Brody guy was still on my mind. He said I could find him at “the bar”. I just had to hope I’d picked the right one.  


I was sat at the bar when I found him. He came over with some human girl hanging off him and bought her a drink. I felt my face fall a little and he glanced up at me before heading outside with this girl. I got myself another drink, downing as soon as it was in my hand. He came back alone, sitting next to me as I downed another drink.

"You okay?" he asked when I didn’t look up from the empty glass in front of me.


"I asked if you're okay"


He was silent and the two of us both got a drink.

"Did you want something?"

He shook his head, getting up as he downed his drink.

“Sorry" I said, literally facepalming.


"I'm being a bitch. Sorry"

He shrugged. "S'okay, I'm expected at work anyways"



"At least let me buy you a drink. I still feel like I owe you something"

"It's fine, honestly"


He sat back down and I smiled.

“What's your poison?"


I nodded, getting him a drink and smiling as he thanked me. I kept smiling as he drank, almost feeling like I’d been in a similar situation with him.

"So what sort of stuff did we get up to?"

He flashed me a baby of a smile. "Sex, and avoiding Brendon's wrath, mostly"

"What?" I chuckled.

"Brendon kept warning me off, but neither of us seemed to want to stay away from each other," he shrugged, "he got pissed at us for it, kept saying you were his"

"So... We were fuck buddies?" I asked, kind of confused.

"I guess so..."


He looked down at his glass, ordering another drink.

I laughed a little. "I guess I can see why Brendon'd get annoyed by that"

He hummed and I tried to remember something...anything involving Brody. But... there was nothing. He downed his drink but I was too busy trying to remember him to really notice.

"I should really go - I'm late for work already"

"Where do you work?"

He let out a tiny chuckle. "For Brendon"

I froze. What if this was all some kind of trick? What if they just wanted a reason to punish me? I mean, I wouldn’t put it past him. Wait, do I mean Brendon or that kid?

"Believe me, I really don't want to be" Brody said.

I didn’t say anything, too busy freaking out.

"I'll see y'around" he said and left.

I sighed, ordering myself another drink. C’mon, I must look pathetic enough for someone to take me home.

The End

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