Lazarus: the other wolvesMature

Mid fight, the child vampire sneaks off, escaping from us all before I can untangle myself enough to chase him down. The other two wolves stop fighting me and I stand back, glaring at the space where I last saw Dustin, trying to figure out which way he went.

The first wolf transforms back into his human form, and I sort of grunt, turning to leave. The second wolf, however, has different ideas. He launches himself at me, pinning me to the ground.

"Sorry, where d'you think you're going?" the first wolf says. I growl, earning myself a glare. Well it's not like I can really give him an answer in my wolf form, is it? "Don't growl at me, asshole." I growl louder, trying to throw the second wolf off. He hangs on, keeping me down, unfortunately. "You're in our territory now so you do what we say. Now, I want to see who I'm talking to." Do I have to? I figure it'll be easier to go along with it, and transform back into my human shape. "Much better. You can let go now, Dash." Dash lets go, if reluctantly, and I sit up. "How would you feel about paying our alpha a little visit?"

"I would feel a little like my time is being wasted, if I'm honest with you."

"Oh yeah? And why would that be?"

"I was here to observe the little vampire problem you have in this town, not to cause trouble. I apologise for disturbing you, but I was expected back half an hour ago." You can't say I don't try to be polite. As much as I would like to punch them for hindering me and now holding me up.

"You're not going anywhere, sunshine," he says, grabbing my shoulder. I smile slightly.

"I'll come quietly, but I'd rather not walk through town like this." He nods and the both of us transform back again. I follow them back to the pack house where I'm greeted with the alpha and beta giving me their best bitch faces.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" the alpha demands, the moment I've returned to my human form. At least it's warm in here, I guess.

"I'm Lazarus, and I was observing the vampires in your town - they've been encroaching on our land. Any chance of a pair of boxers?" The beta wolf goes to get me some, while the alpha reminds me of something that I had honestly not been considering.

"I take it you're aware we are well within our rights to kill you on the spot," she says. I nod, putting on the boxers that the beta throws at me. "Give us one good reason to let you live, then."

"My pack is actually trying to do something about the vampires?" I suggest, trying to think of something quickly.  

"What makes you think we aren't?" the beta accuses, apparently not impressed with my answer. I quickly throw my hands up in a placating gesture.

"I never meant that." He just scowls at me.

"Ladies, keep this friendly," the alpha says in a warning tone. The beta looks kinda irritable at that, but bites back whatever it is he looks like he'd rather say.

"Sorry, Gen," he says.

Gen turns back to me, "So, where are you from?"

"Phoenix," I mutter. Though if you wanna get picky, I was born and raised in London.

"City boy," some random wolf says. I glance over at him.

"Shut it, Chase," she says to the wolf, before looking back at me again. "So, these vampires... This is the first I've heard of them."

"Surprising given they've kidnapped quite a few people from your town and are holding them not too far from here." I do my best to hold back just how unimpressed I am at them not knowing something this major about their own town. She shrugs.

"What can I say? I'm busy, y'know."

"So am I," I grumble, not bothering to hide exactly how I feel about their lack of care for their town this time.

"Are you in charge of two packs?" she asks with an amused chuckle.

"I think you can answer that one for yourself, given that I am my pack's beta, not alpha." Hence why I'm here and not Kito. Kito wouldn't be able to be here even if he wanted to be. It's not like he looks after two packs, but it might as well be a group of separate packs, to be honest. Not all of the pack wanna live together, so Kito let them spread out over the town, but sometimes it seems more trouble than it's worth.

"I thought as much. And are you part of some weird vampire democracy shit?"

"It's a big town - there has to be some kind of system that keeps the peace."

"I mean in New Jersey, sweetie." I arch my eyebrow and shake my head. Why would we be? We're interested in local peacekeeping, nothing more.

"Well I am. So don't find it so surprising that I don't know every detail about this town when my home is my priority."

I just shrug. I don't care. Whether you're capable of keeping an eye on your own town or not isn't really the issue here. The issue is that there are vampires here encroaching on our land and feeding on our people, which makes them - at least in part - our responsibility. It doesn't matter where they base themselves - what matters is they have our people, and we want them back.

"So what are you planning to do about these vampires?"

"We were gonna get a vampire to work on closing down the operation from the inside, but our vampire turned out to be uhh... less reliable than we thought," I smile slightly.

"I hope you dealt with it." I nod. Of course


The End

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