Brody: DamageMature

I wander down the street, looking for someone that looks like they won't be missed to drink from, just in case. I've left Fate asleep on the bed. I hate upsetting him, so I'm hoping that'll make it easier to stop while I'm drinking.

Or maybe Brendon turning up mid snack would help.

"Hello, Brody." I stop drinking at the sound of his voice, looking up at the smile on his face. "How nice to see you again"

"Is it now?" He just hums. I heal the person I was drinking from

"Not draining today?" I shake my head. "Shame."

"Why's that?"

"The last drop is always the sweetest." I shrug indifferently, dragging the human into a sitting position against the wall. "You disappeared."

"I believe you were the one who told me to get lost, Brendon."

"I did not mean completely," he says, scowling at me.

"Apologies," I mutter, bowing my head. He keeps scowling at me, and I stay silent.

"You are expected back, Brody."

I nod, "I'll be there in an hour."

"Now." I hesitate. This wasn't part of the plan. No one expected Brendon to cross borders into an aggressive wolf pack's territory. He pulls out the bitch face, but I still don't move. "Now, Brody," he says in his best warning tone. I nod, not really wanting to start a fight with someone who will undoubtedly win, and go quietly with him as he marches me back to the pits.

"What you did was irresponsible, you know," he chastises me.


"Do not apologise to me. Apologise to your friends." I flash him a questioning look. He thinks the humans were my friends? Sure, I knew them, and they thought we were friends, but... I can't say I ever had a strong attachment to many people outside my family. He gestures at a couple of bodies crumpled unceremoniously in the corner. I recognise one of them as a work colleague and one of the guys that was at that stag do with me when I got turned. It doesn't really bother me, to be honest, and for some reason, Brendon smirks at that. "I told him it would not work."

I look back at him, wondering what he's talking about. "I suppose it is a good thing he took my advice, then." I arch an eyebrow as he chuckles. "You'll find out soon enough. You have work to do."


"I trust you remember how this place works." I nod, earning myself a scowl. "Then get on with it."


While I'm working, my thoughts keep drifting back to what Fate said about Brendon being his first. I don't really understand what that makes me feel. Kind of vaguely angry, I guess. ‘Cause Brendon got his claws in him before he could really get to have any kind of sex life of his own, and now he's that bastard's play thing for the rest of his life. There's something else in there, too, but before I can even begin to figure it out, Brendon's voice cuts through my thoughts.

"You smell like Fate," he says. I look up at him and turn straight back to my work. "Why?"

"Ran into him. He's hanging out with a pack that I used to know." He doesn't look like he believes me, but I'm not about to tell him the details. That's near enough to the truth. He stares at me, but I just keep working. If you think staring at me is gonna make me tell you more, then forget it.

I glance up at him. "I want the truth, Brody."

"Well you had it, so what're you whining about?"he glowers at me but I just shrug and keep working.

"Could have saved him," he mumbles.

"Hmm?" but the asshole walks off. I follow him into the CCTV room where he reclines in a chair before the screens. "Saved who now?"

"You can't smell that?" he chuckles. Well, no, because my nose happens to be filled with bleach fumes from all the cleaning you guys make me do. I draw in a lungful, inhaling an all too familiar scent.

Fate's blood.

I glare at him, but he smiles. I tone down the glare and shrug, hiding the fact that I would quite happily rip him limb from limb right now.

"Well, I guess he's your play thing. Can't tell you what you can and can't do with him, can I?"

"He's Dustin's toy now."

I cough, masking a shift of discomfort, "good for Dustin." As if on cue, Dustin walks in, grinning from ear to ear, covered in blood. I look away from him.

He giggles, "You're right, he is fun to play with," he says, licking his lips.

"Play nicely, Dustin," Brendon says, earning another giggle from Dustin.

"Oops." I don't say anything, too busy trying not to lose my temper. "Am I playing too rough if I cut a finger or five off?"

"Where is he?"I ask quietly, doing my best to keep my voice steady.

"Why?" Brendon asks.

"Am I not allowed to play too?" I put on my best bloodlust act, praying like fuck that if they let me see him, they won't wanna watch.

"No, he's mine now," Dustin says irritably. I growl at him, baring my fangs at his petulant expression. He mirrors it as I let on just how fucking agitated I am.

"Dustin, it's always nice to share," Brendon cuts in.

"You wouldn't share him, though," Dustin protests, still irritable. Brendon gives him a warning look, "Fine, he can play too," he gives in. I shift impatiently, feeling a little doubtful as Dustin leaves. I follow him to where they've tied Fate up. I take a moment to look at the damage Dustin did to him, my eyes flicking over the scratches and bites.

I'll deal with that later. After I've killed the little shit that did it to him. 


The End

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