Brody: that one's for me to tellMature

I thought staying put might have helped. I mean, going to a video store would've put temptation right in my path, but I guess I didn't think of the fact that I could sneak out of the house quite easily.

I'm certainly thinking about it right now. I can control myself, surely. Go out, have a quick drink from someone without hurting them and be back before Fate.

So, with that rationale, I make my way downstairs, attempting to leave the building at vampire speeds.

Only Lazarus got in my way. He must've heard me pacing. I do that when I'm restless. He's learnt well enough that I tend to do things I shouldn't when I'm restless.

A low growl escapes the back of my throat as he throws me to the floor, pinning me down. We grapple for a while, but as always, he overpowers me.

Of course that's when Fate gets back, perfectly in time to see me trying to get Lazarus off me.

"What did I miss?" he asks, but both Lazarus and I are too busy fighting to answer. "Need a hand?" he asks Lazarus, who nods. He helps restrain me, and after a moment, I give up. "Anyone gonna tell me what's going on?" I try to speak, but the combination of the thirst and anger seems to have stolen my voice.  

"I think he was sneaking out to feed," Lazarus answers for me. Fate tuts and I glare up at him.

"What?" I still can't answer. He rolls his eyes a little bit and looks back up at Lazarus, "What are we gonna do with him?"

"Just get him back upstairs." Fate nods and together they manage to carry me back up the stairs, despite my wriggling.

"Sorry, I should've kept an eye on him," he says

"It's not your fault," Lazarus replies, dumping me unceremoniously on the bed. Fate looks over at me. I'm glaring at the door, contemplating getting out again, and weighing up my chances of getting past both of them. If they were a little further from the door, maybe. Fate flashes me a warning look and I just go back to sitting there, glaring. He rolls his eyes, but I'm busy thinking of something else.

I beckon Lazarus over. He knows what's coming. He walks over and I grab him, pulling him down to I can sink my teeth into his neck. I get maybe a mouthful before Fate pulls him back. I growl, watching the blood escape from his neck. Stop wasting it and get back here, idiot. Fate's got his bitch face on, though.

"Put some pressure on that," he instructs Lazarus, who shakes his head, though he covers the punctures with his hand.

"He needs to feed, Fate," he barely moves two steps back towards me before I've pulled him down again. I reattach myself to him and drink probably a little more than I normally would have before. When he starts to struggle, I blink and pull back, as if only just realising where I am. I can feel Fate's eyes on me and Lazarus is pulled back away from me. There's a concerned look on Fate's face, but to be honest, I'm paying more attention to the fact that Lazarus is still bleeding.

He watches as I shuffle forward and tug Lazarus back towards me a little. He bends towards me and I heal his neck, resisting the urge to lap up the blood that spilt down his over his shoulder.

"You okay?" Fate asks him.

Lazarus nods, smiling, "yeah. He's much better behaved now than he was as a new born." A curious look creeps over Fate's face and Lazarus chuckles a little, ruffling my hair. I scowl at him, but he ignores it. "That one's for Brody to tell. I'll leave you guys to it."


The End

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