Brendon: Could've Fooled MeMature

Would be wrong for me to say I wished Brody had joined us sooner? Forcing him to drain two humans every night was most amusing to watch. I bit back a chuckle as it hit the hour I’d picked to have my fun with him.


He looked up at me and I gestured the humans in the pen beside us.

"Take your pick"

The foolish boy only picked one.

"You should know the routine by now"

"Much better" I said as he picked another and we headed inside.

He drained the two of them with a little more ease than before. Well that simply won’t do, will it? I want to see him squirm.

"My, my, you don't seem full"

"I'm fine, thanks" he said, dropping the second human’s body.

I scowled but he put on that ridiculous poker face of his.

"Pick another"

I could tell he didn’t want to but he did so regardless. I watched as he drained the worthless creature, smirking a little when he just about finished. He went to clear up his mess when in walked my young protégé. Brody looked around just in time for Dustin to push him against the wall.

"Hi" he grinned.

Brody just looked at him and Dustin grabbed his hand, slamming him into the wall and forcing a grunt out of him.

"How come you never play with me anymore?” Dustin asked, almost on the verge of tears.

"I thought I was supposed to be your plaything, not your playmate"

Dustin kept up the crying act. He had learnt well.

"What d'you want me to do, then?"

"Play with me" he said, his mood instantly lifting.

"In what way?"

He giggled. I knew that laugh. All manner of things were running through his head. Things that betrayed his young appearance.

"Dustin, behave" I warned him.

Brody looked up at me and Dustin sighed.

"Fine. So, Brody, how far does your arm bend?"


"Wanna find out?”

"Can't say I do"

He pouted and a tiny flicker of apprehension broke through Brody’s poker face. Dustin started bending Brody’s arm, even though I’d told him to behave.

"Remember we need him in one piece"

Dustin clambered up onto Brody’s shoulders sulkily though it was painfully obvious Brody was not happy about him being up there.

"Brody, can I come to your place? It looked nice"


"Why not?"

Brody shrugged and Dustin prodded the top of his head.

"You suck"

"There's nothing interesting there"

"I has another question"

Brody waited, as did I.

"How comes you stole boss' pet?"

"I didn't. He attached himself to me"

"Yeah, cause you stole him. That wasn't very nice, was it?" he tightened his grip on Brody, making him widen his eyes a little.

"I didn't steal him. I didn't know he belonged to anyone, and by the time I found out, he'd already decided to stick with me"

Dustin tightened his grip a little more but Brody stayed silent.

"He tastes kinda nice for a werewolf" Dustin smirked. "Shame I look like a kid, huh?"

"Is it?"

"Mhmm. I could've fucked him if I looked like a grown up"

"Then again, he probably would've let me anyway" Dustin giggled when Brody was silent again.

"You never told me he was a whore" he said to me.

I just smirked, knowing Brody would snap any second.

"He's not a whore" he growled, trying to throw Dustin off.

"Could've fooled me"

Brody clawed at him, trying to make him let go but Dustin just clung onto him.

"He even tried it on with the blonde guy"

Brody gritted his teeth. "Get the fuck off me you little shit"

Dustin bit Brody’s ear with a giggle as he hissed in pain. He slammed Dustin back into a wall which was when the tears started. Dustin clawed at Brody’s face, scratching him and jumped off his shoulders.

"I hope the blonde one fucked him, bastard" Dustin spat as Brody wiped the blood off his face, healing the scratches Dustin had left behind.

Dustin turned to me, tears streaming down his young face. He buried his head in my stomach and I cuddled him, rubbing his back ever so slightly.

"I don't know why you came here, Brody. But now you need to leave" I growled, mirroring the glare Brody sent in our direction.

Brody disappeared and I waited for Dustin’s tears to cease a little. The poor kid deserved a treat after that.

The End

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