Lazarus: I have to goMature

As much as I don't want to be at work, right now, I can't really complain about my job. I get to do something I love, for a decent wage, and with - usually - decent hours.

But right now, I need to be watching Brody.

Or at the very least, stopping Fate being bitten by too many vampires. I'm watching him, but obviously there isn't much I can do from behind a piano without giving myself, Fate and the vampires away.

When I'm done with work, I go to find Fate outside being mauled by yet another vampire. Gritting my teeth a little, I wait until they're done so I can help Fate home. Because of course the idiot's let so many bite him that he's lost too much blood to even be able to walk properly. Did I mention he's worryingly pale? Yeah, not impressed. Can't say I've ever seen the attraction of being bitten, but there must be something about it that's enjoyable, right?

"I should get money for this," he slurs. I don't say anything, more interested in not falling over because of him clinging to me. "I mean, I've been hanging around there, pretty much giving them my blood, and what? I don't even get a thanks."

"That's because most vampires are still assholes," I grumble. And to those vampires, Fate, you're doing what every good dog should do.

"You'd say thanks, wouldn't you?" he asks, practically molesting my face.

"If I was a vampire," I grunt. He hums and giggles as I open the door. He keeps giggling all the way to his room, where he puts his hand on my face again as I try to get him off.

"Y'know, you're kinda cute," he slurs again. Oh, for fuck's sake, Fate. Don't even go there. He giggles as my face pulls into a slight scowl, and prods my nose.

"I have to go make sure Brody's okay, Fate."

"Five more minutes."

"No, Fate," I say firmly, trying to leave, but he grabs my wrist with a ‘Pwease'. I roll my eyes, trying to shake him off, but he's already pulling me onto the bed. "Fate," I say in a warning tone. He mimics me in a sarcastic voice, and I let out a small growl, but he just giggles at it. I pry his hand off my wrist and just as I'm about to get up, his arms tangle around my waist and he snuggles into me. I dislodge him again and he lets out a whine.

"Blondieeee." I give a frustrated sigh ignoring the puppy eyes. "C'mere."

"I need to go see Brody." He holds an arm out and I look at it.


"C'mere." I've got to admit, this is a lot more tempting than going and sitting in a tree for a few hours, watching an old friend doing something he was never meant to do. But I shake my head, making him whine again. I don't say anything and he rolls onto the floor, giggling. "Blondieeeee," he attaches himself to my ankle, making me fall over as I try to get free. He giggles some more, "Blondieeee?"

I half sit up, rubbing the back of my head. "Blondie," he says, prodding me.

"There, you've had your five minutes - I need to go now," I grumble, attempting to stand up. Fate might as well be an octopus for all the use my attempts are.

"Can I have a kiss?" I lean over and peck him on the lips, hoping he might let me go this time, but apparently not. "That wasn't a kiss, silly," he informs me, shaking his head. Fine. I kiss him properly, trying for what feels like the millionth time to get up, but he just pulls me back down for another kiss, pouting when - unsurprisingly - I don't kiss back.

"I have to go," I mutter.

"But you're cute," he whines.

"Maybe some other time, Fate," I mumble. He gives me a sad face and I sigh, pecking him on the lips again before finally getting out of there. I change quickly and head off to the breeding pits, wondering what I might have missed. 


The End

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