Fate: LynxMature

I’d agreed to go to the park with blondie just for something to do, really. I still felt miserable. I still wanted Brody back where I knew he was relatively safe. More than anything, I just wanted a hug. I was sat on a bench with blondie, still kind of mopey. I let out a tiny sigh, not bothering to hide the look on my face as blondie looked over at me. He hesitated a tiny bit before offering me a hug. I didn’t hug back as much as I wanted to, though.

"He'll be back soon enough, Fate"

"Sure" I said almost sarcastically.

Blondie realised that I didn’t believe him and he was trying to hide the fact that he didn’t believe it either. I felt my face twist into an even sadder expression and blondie sighed.

"Sorry, I'll stop being so emo"

He looked a little bit confused at that but I gave him my best fake happy face. Apparently it wasn’t good enough for blondie as he gave me a baby of a frown.


"Nothing" he shrugged.

"Why don't I believe that?" I asked, chuckling slightly and he gave me a tiny smile.

"Probably because I'm easier to read than a book?"

I chuckled and sort of looked around as a familiar scent drifted past me; vampire.

"What?" blondie asked.


"What're you looking for?"

"Nothing" I hummed. He didn’t need to know I was trying to find that vampire and guess how willing they’d be to feed on me.

"So how'd you and Brody end up getting together?"

"We met each other in a bar. Guess my instincts came in handy for once"

He looked at me curiously and I shrugged.

"Maybe it's just me, then" I said.

"What is?"

"Scenting everything in sight after I've fucked someone"

He smiled slightly. "I can't imagine Brody was too happy with you for that"

"He carried me back to the pack. I may have been naked" I said with a smile and he chuckled a little. My smile didn’t last long, though. "Maybe none of this would've happened if I'd stopped"

He shrugged. "Maybe, but it has, and unless you can go back in time, there's no real point in thinking about how it could turn out differently"

"I guess" I sighed and he gave me a small smile.

"You can't help being hooked on him,"

"What?" I said, blushing.

"After offering to take his place before, you can hardly deny it"

"Can too" I pouted and he chuckled.

"Okay, well you can try, but no one will believe you"

I pouted, sneakily looking round again as I smelt that vampire again. I glanced around, finally finding them. I’d say they were a good few decades old and weren’t all that fussy about where their blood came from. I could feel blondie’s eyes on me as I caught the eye of the vampire. Ugh, he wasn’t even hot.

"Excuse me a sec" I said, getting up and making my way over to this vampire.

The two of us barely exchanged three words before we’d snuck off somewhere. I bit down on my lip, holding back each moan til he was done. He gave me a quick, careless kiss before fucking off and leaving me to sort myself out. Blondie was stood waiting for me nearby so I could only guess he’d gotten bored and followed my scent or something.

"Sorry about that"

He glanced at the collar of my shirt, a sort of serious yet amused look on his face. I arched an eyebrow at him.

"You of all people should know that not all vampires are as safe as Brody"

"I have no idea what you're talking about"

"There's blood on your collar, Fate"

I froze. How was there blood on my collar? I’d made sure I’d wiped it all off.

"Don't get yourself killed doing that, Fate, or Brody'll kill me"

"I won't, I'm not stupid"

He nodded slightly.

"Don't tell the others"

"I won't, but the smell might give you away"

I let out a nervous chuckle and he looked around a bit.

"I have to go to work soon" he said, not looking all that happy about it, "you can come with me if you wanna stay out of the house for a bit longer. You might find another vampire to play with"

I glared as he held back a chuckle.

He smiled. "What? Hotel bars tend to attract a lot of vampires"

"So it... it doesn't bother you?"

"It'll bother me when you get hurt, because Brody will maul me"

"He was convinced he'd get killed for it" I chuckled.

"The others have issues with vampires, not me"

I sighed a little and he shot me a questioning look.

"It's nothing. So, where d'you work?"

"Y'know that hotel you two ran away to before? I work there"

"Guess that's how you guys found us, huh?"

"More like that's the reason we left you alone for as long as we did" he said with a slight smile and I arched an eyebrow. "Being the pack's beta definitely has a few perks. They'd have gone rushing in and killed Brody on the spot if I hadn't pulled a few strings"


"S'okay. I just wish the alternative had been better"

I scratched my neck a little and he sighed.

"Anyway, I should go get changed for work"



I nodded and the two of us walked back to the house.

"Wait outside" blondie said with a tiny smirk.

I arched an eyebrow at him but did what he said anyway. He came back out after he’d gotten changed and handed me a can of Lynx. He started walking again and I followed, just sort of staring at the can of Lynx. I looked up when blondie glanced at me.

"You alright?"

"Mhmm. Why?"

He shrugged and I looked at the Lynx again. Blondie looked at it as well and nothing more was said til we got to the hotel bar.

"Don't forget to use the Lynx before you go back to the house. Not sure they'd appreciate you smelling of vampires, y'know?" he said, sitting at a piano.

"Uh... Right" I said, sort of nodding.

Blondie started playing something and I set out to make myself look tempting to any vampires that happened to swing by.

The End

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