Lazarus: wait.Mature

I've been watching Brody as much as I can. The smell of all the humans caged up so close to one another is - while disgusting - useful. It's covered up my own scent well enough to let me get closer than I would usually risk without being noticed.

The plan hadn't been that Brody join them, to be honest. I'm not entirely sure how he slipped out of my sight long enough to be picked up by them.

But unless he's converted, he's doing a good job at playing the part.

I sincerely hope he's just playing the part.

I settle in the branches of a tree, trying to distance myself from the sight of so many people crowded in like cattle. I'd go as far as to say it's almost like they've become battery farm hens. Anyone who's come looking for the missing people have either been killed instantly, or they've joined their loved ones.

And Brody... It's hard to read his face anymore, even after only a couple of days. Everything he does, he does it with a poker face. One of his neighbours recognised him last night and started mouthing off, demanding to know how he could do this to them, how did they never realise there was something suspicious about him and ranted about how he was going to extract his revenge when he got out. But all Brody did was shrug, give them their food and move on to the next pen.

The smell of blood on Brody is stronger than it's ever been. If I could do something about him killing when he feeds now, I would, but I can't do that without giving myself away, and let's face it - he's holding his own fairly well right now. He doesn't need my help just yet.

I'm about to follow him home now he's finished his tasks for the night, but I'm stopped by something in the corner of my eye. There's someone else that's about to do exactly the same. He looks like a child, but has the stink of an older vampire. So instead of following Brody and getting myself noticed, I follow the vampire that's following him. Which means I can't really find out what he's up to when he's inside, since the vampire climbs up and hangs around outside his window, watching Brody.

After an hour or so, it becomes clear the vampire isn't leaving, and Brody has probably buried himself in his architect work. I turn around and head back home to the pack.

When I get back, I'm greeted with a relieved welcome from one of the guys, and a stern order to tell Kito what's been going on.

"Keep a close eye on him, Lazarus," he says, his face twisting into a thoughtful, worried expression, "last thing we want is him converting. Oh, and make Fate stop moping - he's driving us all nuts," he adds, dismissing me. I nod, heading upstairs to his room.

"Who is it?" he asks sulkily.

"Lazarus," I say, and he opens the door. I know he's probably just letting me in because I'm a figure of authority in the pack, but I kind of wish he wasn't. I don't like the formality that comes with being the pack's beta. "Just wondering if you wanted some company," I smile, "you can't keep moping around til he comes back."

"Sure I can."

"It's not healthy." He doesn't say anything, keeping up the moping and I sigh a little. He glances at me. "Just let me know if you wanna talk or go out somewhere. I don't want you to just sit in here on your own for however long it takes to get Brody back."

"Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?"

"You're not the only one that cares about Brody, y'know." His expression becomes curious and I shrug, "Just let me know, yeah?" I turn to head downstairs, but a quiet ‘wait' stops me. I look back to see him with his eyes fixed to his feet. "Park?" 


The End

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