Brody: feeding time.Mature

Okay, so I realise that half a human's blood is pretty pathetic for a vampire, but c'mon. I'm not a monster - I don't just go off on feeding sprees like these guys do. And hey, they just upped my body count by two people in a day. Which is pretty impressive really, considering that's about twice my usual body count for a whole year.

I glare up at the little child vampire pinning me to the floor. If I didn't already feel pathetic enough, I'm being pinned down by a child. A motherfucking child. He giggles and I consider spitting in his eye, but to be honest, even if he's a kid, he's a lot older than me - hence the extra strength. Well, that might be more to do with his diet being  more than a couple pints of blood and a few vodka shots.

"It's not my fault your balls haven't dropped yet. There's no need to take it out on me," I say innocently, "how long have you been waiting now?"

"She wants to see you," Brendon's voice says above me somewhere, interrupting our little chat.

"Sure. I'll be right there, as soon as this thing stops throwing me into walls. Or holding me down. Y'know, I was never really into paedophilia." And if this wasn't aggression, this would look all too much like he's trying to do something else entirely.

"Dustin, off," he says. Dustin obeys, his face instantly becoming sulky. I sit up, resisting the urge to complain loudly about the child thing. "Get up," he directs his orders at me now, and while I would love to ignore him or punch him, or something else along those lines, I've had enough of being the child thing's toy. So I get up, following him out of the room. He takes me to some office thing, where the smell of blood is no thinner than downstairs in the CCTV room.

That would be because there's a body in the corner. I try not to notice it as I look around a bit, but it's kinda hard. The woman inside looks up and distracts me, though. I'm guessing this is the mastermind behind it all or something.

"So this is the infamous Brody." Infamous? I don't even care if she's being sarcastic - that's just funny. "You're not what I expected."

"What were you expecting?"

She smiles, "That's not important, is it?"

"Depends on your point of view."

She hums, and it's obvious she's not going to answer my question. Bitch. I wanna know what you were expecting. You weren't expecting me to be so fucking gorgeous, were you? That's it, isn't it? "Why are you here?"

"Well I was gonna come here to tell you I wanna join you, but fuck that if you're going to be making me that devil child's play thing."

"He's harmless really," she chuckles.

"He's annoying."

"If you join us you will answer to him, you realise?" Oh, ugh. Really? You'd really make me answer to that little shit? "Why do you want to join us anyway? From what I've heard, the whole idea disgusts you."

"It did. Are people not allowed to have a change of heart?"

"Not without seeming suspicious."

"That's a shame."

"Why the change of heart?"

"Why so many questions?"

"No reason."

"Then I have no reason to answer them," I wink, "but since it's you... Y'know how when you think about something long enough, weighing up pros and cons and your opinion on something eventually changes?" she nods, like she expects me to continue. "Well there you go. That's what changed my mind." She lets out a hum.

"Interesting." I don't say anything, watching her face become the picture of consideration. "Alright, you can join. You answer to Dustin, Brody and myself but my word is law." I hold back a sarcastic salute, nodding instead, and thanking her. "Ask Brendon to show you what to do." Oh goody. Crazy-vampire-lady-whose-name-I-still-don't-know turns back to her work, and I glance at Brendon.

"You can manage feeding them, yes?"

"Probably." Not that I ever managed feeding myself as a human, but y'know.

He starts walking, talking at me as I follow him, "We feed them twice a day, once in the morning and once at night." He shows me what to do and, being the quick learner I've always been, I pick it up right away. He watches me for a moment and then leaves me to it.

I look around, sighing inwardly before getting on with my job. It's stupidly tempting to let them out when I have to work this close to them, but I can't let myself slip up so soon. A few of them curse me as I work, the ones who kind of know me give me a look like I've betrayed them. The worst ones, though, are the ones that just look totally hopeless already.

I keep my eyes fixed on the floor and get on with it. 


The End

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