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Kito rolls his eyes at Fate. "We've spent the last few days monitoring the edge of your town - people have been disappearing. Usually we'd be quite happy to leave them to it, but a few from the border of our town have been taken too. So we've got an offer for you, Fate." Lazarus has already told me all this. The last couple of days have been pretty dull, sat in a room on my own, thinking about this offer. Oh, and being hungry. They wouldn't let me out to feed.

"I'm listening," Fate replies.

"Instead of making Brody serve the rest of his debt, we want you two to find out what's going on, and help us stop it." He bites his lip. Kito waits for a long moment as Fate glances at me. "You don't have to decide now, but the longer you take, the more people go missing," he gets up, "the choice is yours, Fate."

"You're forgetting something, though."

"What's that?"

"That's not my territory anymore. If I go back there it's suicide," he explains.

"Then Brody can work alone."

"No," he scowls.

"Thought you didn't want him to have to pay his debt the way he was?" Kito asked, arching an eyebrow.

"I don't but..."

"You forgot to mention, Kito, that when you're done with me, you'll kill me," I cut in kinda tiredly. Tiredly because, well, let's just say this mess going around my head hasn't exactly made it easy to sleep.

Kito shrugs, "That's what you get for walking out the way you did." I know. We should've just left. He who hesitates, loses, after all. Fate stares. Yeah. I might have not told him that part of our deal.

"Well, if we're all done playing 'decide how to kill the vampire', I think I'm gonna go back to my room," I say, trying to leave. Fate grabs my hand, and I stop, looking at the kind of scared expression on his face. I try to give him a comforting look, but the only look I'm capable of right now is a resigned on. He squeezes my hand a little and I squeeze back, looking at him as he stands up.

He stands real close to me, whispering in my ear, "Can we get out of here?"

"Let's just go back to our rooms," I say quietly. He nods, following me up, into my room. I sit on my bed, leaving room for him to join me.

"What're we gonna do?"

I shrug,  "At least I have some chance of surviving if I go back."

"Unless you run into Brendon." I'm quiet. Well I know he's right, but c'mon, you didn't need to remind me. He lets out a sigh and I wrap my arms around him, not wanting to talk anymore. He hugs back. I'm not sure how long we sit like that, in each other's arms. Long enough for my stomach to let out a loud growl. "When did you feed last?"

"Dunno. Whenever I last fed from you," I mutter. He tilts his head a little and with a tiny sigh, I sink my teeth into his neck. He closes his eyes as I drink from him. I don't drink for very long. Well, there's not much point if I'm probably gonna die in a few days, is there?

"Was that enough? I don't want you going hungry," he instantly worries while I heal him.

"I'll be fine." He looks away a bit.

"Sorry, I'm being annoying."

"What makes you think that?"

He shrugs, "I can just tell." I run my hand through his hair.

"You're not annoying me. I'm just not so keen on the whole dying thing." He lets out a baby of a hum and I go back to hugging him. I'd missed this, I think.

"I should go," he says after a while.


"They don't seem to like us being together," he mutters.

"They can go fuck themselves," I reply, lying down. He lies with me and I cuddle him, well aware that I'm probably being a bit clingy. Fate seems to be convinced that the wolves are gonna walk in any second and be pissed off that he's staying with me. Lazarus walks past, almost on cue, and flashes a smile through the open door. Fate tenses against me a little, but all Lazarus does is shut the door and walk off.

"What is your debt anyway?" he mumbles.


"They keep going on about your debt."

"I asked for the protection, fed on the people in their town, used their house, and exchange, I have to be subservient and do whatever they ask of me. Only reason they're asking you to decide on this one is because in their eyes, I'm your pet." He seems kind of shocked at that last part.

"My what?"

"Pet, servant, whatever. Same thing."

He raises an eyebrow. "Even though that's our job..."

"It's no one's job to be anyone's pet," I correct him, even though it's obvious he doesn't agree with me. "It's up to personality whether someone's subservient or not. But that's just my opinion." So why would anyone give a shit? He doesn't push it and I decide it's probably a good idea if I don't either. We're quiet for a while. "I'm glad you're here," I mumble under my breath. He chuckles. I'm surprised he even heard that. "What?"

"Nothing," he says, nuzzling me. I hum a tiny bit, comfy where we are. Eventually, I fall asleep.



The End

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