Fate: SpyingMature

I kissed Brody’s cheek after a while, knowing he still wanted to go. He shut his eyes and I figured I’d give it one last shot.

"Please don't go back there" I said quietly. I wasn’t even sure he’d heard it.

"I need to get them out of there. I don't care if it puts me in danger - I can't have my family and friends put in those things*

"I care if it puts you in danger"

He sighed a little and I felt the tears start to fight their way to the surface.

"I know it's selfish but I don't care"

He wrapped me in a hug and I hugged back probably a little too tightly. He was quiet and I sniffled a little.

"How about I go get us some take out?"

He nodded. "Sure"

"Chinese okay?"

"I'm not picky. Not that I can really eat much of it anyways"

"Oh yeah... Sorry, I forgot"

"Don't worry about it"

"I'll be back in a bit" I said with a small smile.

He gave me a small kiss and I kissed back before dashing off to go get the food.



What I was met with when I got back was fucking weird. One of the wolves from blondie’s pack was carrying an unconscious Brody away from the hotel. I arched an eyebrow, following him to a van. Oh, okay then. I hid myself as best I could before morphing, still keeping my head low. I followed as the van sped off out of town, not really expecting a wolf to jump out of the back. I glared at him, not really noticing as the van drove away. The wolf leapt at me and before I knew it, I was covered in bites and scratches and the van was nowhere in sight. The wolf was still trying to fight me and I did my best to ignore him, attempting to follow the van. Wolfie was having none of that, though, biting me when I gave him my best ‘fuck off’ face. Fuck this then. I let him bite me and he gave me a warning growl, the perfect tell that he wasn’t really trying to hurt me. I growled back kind of threateningly and he got me pinned, staring me down. I didn’t back down but neither did he. I didn’t stop him when he scratched me up. I didn’t go after him when he fucked off. What did I do? I limped off back to the hotel and tried to heal up a little bit. Stupid mortal-ness.


A day or two later, I stood spying at a window. I’d followed Brody’s scent out to some house and could smell him in one of the upstairs rooms. I stood watching the wolves discussing something in the front room. I strained to hear but only caught odd snippets. They were talking about Brody, I knew that much. One of them saw me and I felt my eyes widen. I have to admit I was kind of suspicious when nobody came rushing outside. One of them went upstairs and I instantly thought of Brody. If they fucking touched him...

The wolves laughed at some nasty joke about Brody and another of them got up, wandering off somewhere. I moved over to the door, meeting the wolf that had wandered off as it opened.

"Oh good. Saves me running around after you" he said, pulling me inside.

"Get off me" I growled.

Hepulled me into the living room with the other wolves, letting go of me when I tried to shake him off.

"Nice of you to join us again" Kito said.

"Piss off"

He brushed that off. "Take him upstairs"

You think I’m going down without a fight, buddy?

"Don't even think about it, Fate. The only reason Brody's still alive is because we hope you might comply with us"

I relaxed reluctantly and Kito nodded slightly, gesturing at the wolves to take me upstairs. I let them take me up there, marching me past the room where they were keeping Brody. His door was open and I could see blondie in there with him. The fuckers put me in the room opposite, shutting the door as they left. I sat down by the door, sulking. I sulked for the entire time they left me. And they left me for a long fucking time.

Eventually blondie came to get me, gesturing for me to follow him. Everybody was present downstairs, even Brody. He pulled me down onto his lap, hugging me, and I nuzzled his neck. He kissed the top of my head and I smiled.

"When you're ready" Kito said with a scowl, earning himself a glare from me. Asshole. 

The End

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