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I pick a hotel far enough away from the pack that we should be safe from them, but close enough to give any sane being reason to think twice about coming anywhere near us. It's not a bad hotel, actually. Mind you, I'm the kind of person that classes a five star hotel as ‘pretty good' so I guess this one's probably four star.

I throw my stained shirt over the back of the chair and put the sun screen in the en suite by the sink.

"Reckon they'd get pissed off if there was dog fur on the bed?" I shake my head. He lets out a hum. "Good." I settle down on the bed, stretching out over it. I smile a little as he sits on me, putting my hands on his hips. I'm trying to get back to normal, but I gotta admit, it takes a while for the submissiveness to go - if he wanted to fuck me right now, I doubt I'd complain. He prods my nose, and I stick out my tongue, catching his finger with it. He laughs. I smile. He rolls off me and I stare up at the ceiling, thinking. I'm vaguely aware of him stretching out beside me, but to be honest, I don't really notice all that much.

I must have started frowning or something, because he asks me what's up, breaking my train of thought.


"Sure?" I smile and nod, doing my best not to worry him. He stifles a yawn and my arms wrap themselves around me. He buries his head in my neck, mumbling something along the lines of "I might go wolf in a sec."

"Will you bitch out if I keep hugging you?" I ask, remembering how weird some wolves can be about physical contact in their wolf form. He shakes his head, and if my head wasn't so crowded with what I need to do, I'd have smiled. I settle for kissing the top of his head instead. He hums, mumbling something again.

"Could do with taking my clothes off, though." I help him get undressed, feeling a little odd that I'm undressing him for a reason that isn't sex. That can't be a good thing, right?

He transforms into his wolf, nuzzling me and I smile, ignoring how cold and wet his nose is. He snuggles up to me, wagging his tail a little as I cuddle him. He puts his head on my chest, looking kind of sleepy. I, on the other hand, am not sleepy at all, though as he yawns, I close my eyes anyway. He nuzzles me a little more, and I'm fairly sure he's going to fall asleep if neither of us moves. Sure enough, when I've stayed still long enough, he drifts off to sleep.

I don't really want to leave him like this - usually fucking off while someone's asleep wouldn't bother me, but Fate's just one of those people that if you just imagine doing something like that to him, you'll end up feeling bad. But it has to be done. Hopefully I'll be back before he wakes up, though. He doesn't even stir as I slip out from underneath him. With a sigh, I plant a kiss on the top of his head, and leave.

Where am I going?

Back home. I can't just stay in a hotel somewhere else like that, knowing that the people I live with could be being forced into those pens.

When I get there, I'm stopped not by the fact there are even more pens now, but by the cries of some terrified little kid. I walk over to the pen where this little boy is sat crying his eyes out for his mom. I crouch down so I'm near enough at his level, frowning thoughtfully as I wonder how I could get him out of there.

"Where's my mom?" he sobs.

"Who took you?"

"I don't know, I didn't see. Where'd they take my mom?" he sniffles.

"Was she taken too?" he nods and I look around.

"I haven't seen her." Which can't be a good thing. I'm guessing a pretty safe bet would be she's already dead.

"They took her away," he sniffles again and I stand up.

"I'm sorry, kid," I say, walking around the pen, looking for a way to cut off the electricity to it. I might not die, but electric shocks are still no fun. And I don't wanna end up hurting the kid. As I'm looking for a way to get him out, the kid starts crying again. It's only when I hear the quiet buzz of something mechanical moving that I remember all the CCTV cameras. There's no point in panicking too much about that now - I must've been walking in plain sight of them since I got here. If they were that bothered, there'd be someone here by now, right?

"Please help me, mister, I'm cold and hungry," the kid cries.

"Yeah, just let me find a way of getting you out and then we'll get you something to eat, ‘kay?" I walk up to the end of the yard where that shed with all the farming gear was last time, hoping there might be something there. And there is. A fuse box. A fuse box that isn't even locked.

Cue the suspicion.

Frowning to myself, and not being happy about this at all, I turn the mains off, hoping that it might at least be connected to the CCTV. Although, now that I've figured this is probably a trap, I'm guessing it's probably not connected to anything useful except for the pens. The crackle of electricity dies and the air feels a little easier to breathe, despite the tension in my muscles.

"Is it safe to come out now?" the kid asks and I hesitate a little.

"Just be careful not to cut yourself on the wire," I mutter and he gets out. I stay exactly where I am, not too happy about how amused the kid looks now. "So I really love elaborate traps," I say casually.


"The conveniently open fuse box, the lack of security, the bait. Love it." I'm not really talking to the kid - he just happens to be the only one that I can see.

"Right... Well, see you around, mister," the kid grins. I still stay where I am. Normal kids don't go from crying their eyes out to grinning, right? "Oh, and you should spend less time with werewolves. You stink pretty bad," he giggles and disappears off somewhere. I arch an eyebrow, kinda hoping now that this was a trap and that I haven't just made myself look like a douche. 


The End

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