Fate: HeadMature

There I was, minding my own business all snuggled up to Brody when another one of those fucking mongrels walks in. Well you’re out of luck this time, mother fucker. Brody bit back a groan and went to get up but I sort of pinned him down. His jaw dropped but I was too busy staring down the wolf.

"You're not taking him"

He crossed his arms. "Get off him, pup"

Yeah, like hell I am, bitch.

"Don't piss me off, Fate"

“You're. Not. Taking. Him"

Wolfie tried to pull Brody away from me and I bit the fucker right on the arm. He growled, punching me, while Brody sort of looked a bit panicked. I growled back at wolfie, glaring. He tried to get Brody again but I rammed into him, not really caring that the lack of towel left me completely naked. Wolfie slammed back into the wall and I could practically hear his blood boil. Or it could’ve been mine...

He punched me again. "Brody has a debt to pay"

"Brody's fucking had enough" Brody said, launching himself at wolfie.

The two of them started fighting but I sort of shoved Brody out of the way. The three of us were all ready for potentially a fight to the death and I morphed into my wolf form. As did wolfie. I clamped my teeth down on his hind leg but he fought back, biting my tail. I yelped but didn’t let go. He shook his head, his teeth still clamped down on my tail and I bit down harder on his leg. He shifted and bit my hind leg, making me yelp again. I tried to shake him off but he was holding on too tight. I bit at his stomach and he growled. I twisted round, sort of ending up on my side as I scratched at his belly. Brody pulled him off and threw him across the room. I growled at wolfie and he kind of whined, kind of growled back. He launched himself at Brody but I leapt at him, knocking him off course. I went for his throat, growling a little as Brody pushed the two of us apart. Apparently the noise was attracting the others because blondie walked in. The fucker came in after wolfie managed to claw up Brody, though. Even though Brody was already healing, I was still gonna kill the fucking mongrel that did that to him. Blondie dragged the mongrel out of the room, shutting the door behind him. I could hear shouting coming from the other side of the door. Brody wiped the blood off on the comforter and I morphed back into human form.

“He fucking needs a slap”

“Fate, please, just leave it”

“At least i stopped him fucking you”

He nodded and I looked down, suddenly feeling a chill.

“I appear to be very naked”

He smiled. “So you are”

“And what do you intend to do about this?”

“Under different circumstances? I think you can guess” he chuckled. “Right now, though, I’m going to get your clothes from the bathroom and we’re getting the fuck out of here”

I nodded and he went to get my clothes. He came back fully dressed and handing me my clothes. He went into the other room to get his wallet as I got dressed.

“I’ll meet you in the bar down the road, ‘kay?”

“Okay” I said, a little confused.

“I’m not s’posed to just leave, I have to leave a scent for them to follow”

I nodded, kissing back when he kissed me. He left through the window and I sneakily headed for the door. Luckily nobody noticed me. They were too busy discussing what they were going to do about me and Brody. I snuck out the front door, closing it behind me almost silently, before heading for this bar.


Brody was already at the bar by the time I got there and I greeted him with a smile. He smiled back, handing me a drink.

 “Trying to get me drunk?” I giggled, making him chuckle.

“I don’t need to do that”

“Mmm, got that right”

He put an arm round my waist, huggling me and I leant on him. He downed his drink, kissing me. He matched it as I kissed him kind of hard. I hummed.

 “So where’re we gonna go?”

I sighed. “no idea”

“Where’ve you always wanted to go?”


He chuckled and broke out the puppy eyes. “Somewhere with a beach?”

“You are possibly the world’s worst vampire” I laughed, making him pout.

“But i like surfing”

I tutted.


“Nothing, fangs” I chuckled.

He smiled, making his fangs poke out and I pointed to my neck, giggling. He leant over, giving me a hickey.

“Bite me” I whispered, letting out a quiet moan as he did.

He groped me sneakily, biting me again. I let out a louder moan, shutting my eyes.

He semi healed me and whispered in my ear. “Wanna go somewhere more private?”

I nodded and the two of us ended up in the bathroom. I pulled him into a stall and we started making out. Brody noticed that I was kind of turned on from being bitten and groped me. I let out a quiet moan and he kissed me, nipping at my lower lip just enough to make it bleed. He licked it off, grinding his hips into mine. I moaned but it came out as more of a sort of grunt. He bit me again and I moaned, starting to get hard. He palmed me.

“Fuck” I gasped out.

He bit me more, still palming me and I moaned, bucking my hips. He undid my pants, licking up some more blood and kissing me. I was breathing kind of hard as he pushed my pants down and I bucked my hips again. He pulled my boxers down, jerking me off and biting me again. I moaned, practically coming already. I’m not gonna last long, am I? He started drinking from me, still jerking me off and I bit my lip.

“Brody, I’m gonna...”

He licked up the blood and bit the other side of my neck. With one final moan, I came. Brody smiled for some reason and I blushed.

“What’s the blush for?” he chuckled and I blushed more.

“The fact that I just came after like two seconds”

“That really does get you off, doesn’t it?” he hummed, kissing me.

“Shuddup” I said, blushing even more.

He bit back a laugh and I glared at him.

“I don’t mind – you taste fucking gorgeous when you’re horny” he murmured in my ear and I let out an embarrassed laugh.

He giggled, kissing me and hummed when I kissed back. I leant my head on his shoulder and felt his fingers tangle in my hair.

"You're gonna use that against me now, aren't you?" I said.

"I'm not that evil"

"Could've fooled me" I said, trying not to giggle.

"I can be evil if you want me to be" he winked and I blushed again, making him chuckle.

"Just don't be as evil as Brendon. He used to tease me by..."

He gave me a questioning look and I blushed a tiny bit, sort of getting hard again at the thought of what Brendon used to do. Brody arched an eyebrow a teeny bit.

"...He used to tease me by.... He used to run his fangs over me..."

"I already do that to your neck, babe" he chuckled a little. "I'll avoid doing it on anything else though"

"Yeah but he used to do it for hours. Bastard wouldn't bite me, either"

"I won't do it to you” he said with a tiny kiss, making me hum. He groped me and said kind of huskily "But I'm thinking this might need sorting out”

I gulped and he smiled, palming me. He kissed me, biting my lip again and I moaned a tiny bit. He hummed, jerking me off and I shut my eyes. He kissed me again, nipping at my lip and licking up the few droplets of blood.

"Cut it out" I said weakly, moaning.


"Cause it's driving me insane"

With a kiss he knelt down, going down on me. I ran a hand through his hair, tugging at his slightly as he sucked. I bucked my hips when he teased me, tugging on his hair again as he gagged a little.

"I'm... I'm gonna..." I said breathlessly and he sucked harder.

It was enough to send me over the edge and I pulled him up for a kiss when he swallowed most of it.

"That was fucking hot"

He smiled and I smiled.

"I think I need to clean up" he chuckled. Poor guy got jizz on his face.

I attempted to clean up the mess from my first jizzsplosion but it was a little hopeless. I’d managed to get some on Brody’s shirt and he seemed to consider it for a moment before taking his shirt off. And naturally, I got a little sneaky perving done. He folded it up so the stain was hidden and I gave up on cleaning up. I’d done the best I could. I blushed as he licked up the bits I’d missed.

"Mucky pup" he winked and I rolled my eyes. "C'mon, you, I need to go buy some sun screen"

I chuckled, pulling my pants up and putting an arm round his waist. He hugged my waist, pecking me on the lips. I kissed back and we shuffled out of the stall, ignoring the weird look we got from the only other guy in the bathroom. He just wishes he’d gotten awesome head like me.

The End

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