Brody: we need to get out of hereMature

The moment he's gone, I wipe his jizz off my face, pull my clothes back on, and go straight back to the other room. Well, I waddle back. That one's rough with me. I get the feeling he has more of a grudge against vampires than most of the others.

When I go inside, Fate's curled up on the bed, covering his ears and kind of crying. Fuck, we need to get out of here.

I sit on the edge of the bed, rubbing his back as he lets out a sob. While he tries to get his crying to stop, I lie down next to him, wrapping him in a hug, hoping he can get past the fact I stink of the wrong wolf. He clings to me and I plant a kiss on his forehead, wondering how I can make him stop crying. I figure maybe I can get away with just hugging him til he stops. So I do. Y'know, I never figured when he said he didn't like them touching me that he meant it would do this to him. I thought he just meant that he... y'know, just didn't like it.

By the time he stops crying, after about ten minutes or so, I'm feeling pretty shit about the whole situation - I mean, I basically put him through that by not standing up to the wolf. I mean, the submission to them has kind of become habit after nine years, but still...

He clings a little less, giving me an embarrassed apology. I peck him on the lips, cutting him off.


"I went and got the movie," he tells me, wiping his eyes. I manage a small smile as he gets up and pushes the dvd into the player in the corner of the room. The TV flickers into life and I get up, turning it off again.

"I should have a shower first. You're welcome to join me," I say, earning a baby of a smile.


We climb into the shower together, Fate still being all embarrassed, though I'm more focussed on discovering that there's jizz in my hair. Nice. I attack it with shampoo like the world's about to end - because let's face it; I don't want to be facing the end of the world with jizz in my hair, y'know? Fate wraps his arms around my waist and hugs me while I wash around him as best I can. He doesn't seem to notice until I need to wash the bits that he's covering. He moves a little, but not quite enough and eventually I give up.

He moves back to let me turn the water off and get out, wrapping myself in the rough towel they left for me. Then the fucker steals my towel. I'm not sure what face I pull, but it's not a happy one. He giggles and I pout. He opens his arms for a towel-cuddle, so I oblige, cuddling him, grabbing the other towel when the first fails to wrap around the both of us. He snuggles up to me and hums as I kiss the top of his head.

When we're done drying each other off, I pull my boxers back on, watching Fate snuggle his towel. I give him a small smile, feeling it grow a little as he smiles back. His cheeks flush a little, making me chuckle. What's there to blush about?

"What?" he asks, blushing more.

"What're you blushing about?" he shrugs and I lean in, kissing him, humming when he kisses back.

He chuckles, "C'mon, sport. It's Shakespeare time." I nod slightly and he stays wrapped in his towel as we head back for the bedroom. He turns the TV back on and we snuggle up on the bed together. He doesn't pay much attention to begin with, but he ends up practically glued to the screen. I chuckle a little, but he shushes me. He remains like that til the movie finishes, but I'm as enthusiastic about it as I usually am about Shakespeare. Not really my thing, to be honest.

He snuggles into me even more while the credits roll, and asks me what I think of it.

"It was alright. Very... Shakespeare."

"Well duh, it's Shakespeare," he giggles. I smile, kissing the top of his head. I hum as he snuggles even more, beginning to feel a little sleepy - I usually pass out halfway through any film, so to still be awake is a near a miracle. I can hear the wolves moving around downstairs though. I get the feeling that one of them might be on their way up here soon. I also get the feeling that Fate's going to start a fight this time. I turn the TV off, hoping to fuck that he doesn't.

He kisses my collar bone. "Tired?" he asks as I stifle a yawn. I shake my head.

"No. Just a bit hungry."

"You know I'm all yours," he smiles. He hums as I kiss his neck, making his veins all vibrate a little. I press my teeth to one, inhaling his now-familiar scent before biting down. He lets out a baby of a moan as I sink into his vein, making the blood rush out into my mouth. As I drink, he lets out another tiny moan. I pull back, making sure I don't take too much from him. I heal over the wounds, watching to make sure his skin returns to its unmarked state.

"One of these days I'm gonna shove you off before you do that," he chuckles. I laugh slightly.


"I'm just weird like that," he smiles.

"Maybe wait til we're out of here. Not so sure they'd be too pleased at either of us for this," I murmur.

"Even though it's my choice?"

"I'm supposed to be inferior to you, so while we're here, it's just safer to play along with it. If they caught me feeding on you, they'd probably kill me," I smile humourlessly.

"They'd have to go through me first."

"Yeah... they would, though, that's why I don't want to get caught."

"The sooner we get out of here the better," he says snuggling some more. I didn't know it was possible to snuggle so much. Apparently, it is, though.

"Yeah, I know. Soon, eh?"


The End

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