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As much as I enjoyed snuggling up with Brody, it was kind of annoying that just hiding underneath his pretty gross scent was the scent of every wolf that had fucked him recently. Pair that with the annoyance of Kito not giving me a fucking answer and you’ve got a very pissed off wolfie. Saying that, I wasn’t as pissed off as I could have been but that was probably something to do with the fact that I was cuddling Brody and no one was gonna kick mine or his ass for it. Hopefully. He seemed a tiny bit emo about something but I was too busy being grumpy to ask what.

"Answer's still 'no'" Blondie said, appearing out of nowhere as if he sensed my bad mood was slowly getting worse.

"That's fucking bullshit!"

He shrugged. "pack vote. Just accept it and move on, kid"

"What if I won't?"

"What're you going to do to persuade them otherwise? A blindfold trial?" he asked, laughing a little and Brody arched an eyebrow.

"In English...?" I asked, my eyebrow arched as well. Well excuse me for being kinda slow when it comes to stuff like that.

"You gonna let them try you both out, see which they prefer?"

I growled, partly because that meant those fucking mongrels touching him again and partly because all these little comments were making Brody start to realise what was really going on.

"It's not gonna happen, Fate, just forget it"


Blondie growled a little and I pulled out the bitch face.

"I'll forget it if no one else touches Brody"

He shook his head slightly and fucked off. Bitch, if you think I’m letting this go...

Brody looked kind of... I’m not sure how you’d describe it, really. Sort of like shock mixed in with horror and general ‘what the fuck’-ness, maybe? I tried to get up to go pester Kito again but Brody didn’t let me. I looked at him, almost wondering why he didn’t want me to do it.

"If it bothers you that much, we can get a hotel room and just deal without their protection" he said kind of quietly.

"I don't like them touching you. I don't even like them being near you"

I shuddered and he smiled a tiny bit. Thanks, I’m glad this makes you happy. I shuddered again, the sounds of him being fucked filling my head again. I swear the wolf scent on him got stronger and let me tell you, it wasn’t fucking mine.

"We'll get a hotel room" he said.

"What about Brendon?"

"Would he really come into an aggressive pack's territory?"

"I wouldn't put it past him" He did cause a huge traffic accident because I’d gone out of town on one of the days we were s’posed to be fucking.

"We'll stay close to here, I guess. What would he do, anyways?"

I shrugged. Cause another huge traffic accident? Burn down the hotel? Kill you? The possibilities are endless.

"So the choice is stay here and put up with the deal I have with them, or go and face Brendon who may or may not kill us both"

“Or you could help me work out my deal”

He shook his head a little.

“Why not? It’s better than them treating you like shit”

"Because then they'll treat you like shit. This is what I agreed to - you shouldn't have to take my place because I was really, really naive"

"I'm willing to put up with whatever if it means they'll leave you alone"

"Why?" he asked, kind of curious. Shit.

"Why what?" So what if I’m totally trying to avoid answering? I’m well within my rights to.

"Why would you put up with anything they throw at you so they'll leave me alone?" Ah, I see someone’s determined to get an answer.

"Like I said, I don't like them touching you"

"Why though?"

I shrugged. "I just don't. You deserve better, even if you are a vampire"

I could tell he wasn’t satisfied with that answer but I kept silent. That was a perfectly good answer.

"There's more to it than that. What is it?”

"What do you mean?"

"There's something you're not telling me"

I didn’t say anything. What could I say? Oh yeah, cause “I get super jealous and kind of disgusted at the thought of them fucking you cause I kind of maybe like you but I kind of maybe don’t” sounds so good. Brody waited but I stayed silent. I kind of didn’t want him to know...

He prodded me a little. "What is it?"

"What's what?"

"Fate" he said firmly, "what're you not telling me?"


He pouted a little and kissed my neck. "Tell me"

I let out a tiny whine. "No"


I shook my head and he went back to kissing my neck, grazing my skin with his teeth a few times. Asshole.


I whined again and he nipped at my neck.

"Please, Fate" he said a tiny bit huskily.

I let out another whine but it sort of mutated into a moan.

He slipped a hand under my t-shirt and I bit my lip.

"Tell me"

I shook my head again. He held me a little tighter, trapping my lips in a slow kiss.



"I want to know"

"What if I said there was nothing for you to know?"

"I wouldn't believe you"


"You're a terrible liar, Fate, just tell me"

I pouted. "Don't want to"

"I won't laugh, if that's what you're worried about"

I kept pouting but he just used it as a chance to kiss me. Which I wasn’t complaining about.

"I'm still not saying" I said, kissing him back.

He let out a whine and I chuckled. The asshole kissed my neck again, grazing the skin with his teeth and making me let out a tiny moan. He grazed my neck again and I moaned a little more. He pressed himself against me and rolled us over so he was pinning me down. I looked up at him innocently and he pecked me on the lips.

"C'mon, Fate. Tell me"

"No" I blushed, starting to feel the after effects of him playing with my neck.

He plastered me in lots of little kisses. "Please"

I groaned and looked away from him. "I don't like them touching you because I think I like you"

I felt his hand move up to play with my hair but I kept looking away, not wanting to meet his gaze. He kissed me, lying down next to me and wrapping me in a cuddle. I cuddled back, still not looking at him.

"Now all we need is a miracle to happen so we're actually allowed to like each other" he said with a small smile.


He sighed a little. "I think I like you too, Fate, but like I said - we're not allowed to"

I prodded him. "Be human"

"Find me a cure to vampirism, then"

"I don't think there is one, sexy"

He looked vaguely upset and I patted his head. He sighed.

"Cheer up"

"Why is it when my life gets complicated, it gets    really     fucking complicated?"

"Because werewolves are just awesome like that?"

"It wasn't even a werewolf that complicated it in the first place. Fucking Brendon" he said grumpily and I shrugged.

"Maybe he knew you were gonna meet me?"

"He doesn't seem the type to set up a chance meeting that would end up like this unless it was for his own amusement. Or..." his face kind of froze.


"Or he knew we'd be out of town while those breeding pits are being filled. They totally slipped my mind" he said, slapping his forehead.

"What could we do about it, anyway?"

"If we'd all worked as a team, we might've been able to do something about it, but now everyone's at everyone else's throats and they're just left to do what they want with our humans"

I laughed a little. "'Our humans'?"

"You can't tell me you don't get a little protective over the people we live with"

I shrugged. "S'not like I have any reason to interact with them, though. I have the pa... oh..." my face fell a little, as did Brody’s.


"S'not your fault"

"Kind of is"

I shook my head and he planted a baby of a kiss on my lips. I kissed back and he buried his head in my neck. I leant my head against his and sighed.

"What're we gonna do?"

"Dunno. Kinda tempted to just get out of here altogether. Find a new state" he mumbled into my neck and I chuckled.

"So do it"

He moved his head slightly so he wasn’t talking into my neck. "Only if you'll come with me. We can be like Romeo and Juliet... I'm Romeo, of course" he laughed.

"You're forgetting they both die"

"Okay, we can be Romeo and Juliet but without the dying bit. How's that?"

"Just say Claudio and Hero, babe"


I stared at him. "What?"

"Just 'cause I've not been dead a few centuries, doesn't mean I pay attention to the world"

"Dude, it's Much Ado About Nothing. I used to know that thing off by heart"

"Well that would be why I don't know it, then"

"Man, you suck"

"In case you hadn't noticed, I spend more of my time drawing and doing maths than reading Shakespeare"

"Poor excuse"

"What? I'll take maths over literature any day"

A thoughtful look must’ve crept onto my face as Brody gave me a curious look.

"Know if there's a movie rental place round here?" I asked.

"Couple of blocks away"

I hummed.

"You're gonna make me watch it instead, aren't you"

"No" I said, trying not to giggle.

He glared at me suspiciously and the door swung open. It was one of those fucking mongrels.

"Next door, two minutes" he said before going into the other room.

I scowled at the door and Brody kissed me.

I kissed back. "Don't go"

"I have to"

I hugged him kind of tight. "Don't. I'll go instead or something"

"Only a couple of them will want me tonight" he said, pecking me on the lips. That’s a couple too many, buddy. "If we're gonna be leaving soon, there's no point in starting any fights over it" he tried to get up but I clung onto him.

He reluctantly tried to pry me off but I clung to him even more.

"Brody, please" I said, feeling kind of pathetic as I fought back tears.

He stopped trying to pry me off. "He'll come back and drag me if you're not careful"

I kind of started failing a bit at holding back my tears. "He'll have to drag me as well, then"

Brody opened his mouth to say something but that fucking mongrel came back all bitchfaced. I clung onto Brody even more but he instantly went all submissive and apologetic. Mongrel grabbed hold of him and tried to pull him away. I growled, shrinking back a little as he snarled back at me. He tugged on Brody again and I reluctantly let go, trying to fight back tears again. Brody glanced back at me as he was dragged out and I felt a couple angry tears drip down my cheeks. I practically ran out of the place before I had a chance to hear anything and stumbled around til I found the rental place. I rented a couple movies, including Much Ado About Nothing, and slowly made my way back. I curled up in bed once I got there and covered my ears, trying to block out the noise. Yeah, it wasn’t really working...

The End

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