Brody: Just... lifeMature

As Fate is allowed to see Kito again, I sit on the bottom stair, vaguely debating whether I should invest in sexy lingerie/something that might put them off fucking me so much. It could work. I see the potential behind it.

I focus on the door, though, as Kito's voice sounds out. So I'm eavesdropping. Big deal. I wanna know what the fuss is all about.

"Come to shoot your mouth off again?"

"Of course."

"Oh good. What insolence can I look forward to hearing this time?"

"That all this is bullshit, maybe?" I am so glad I'm not in there right now.

"Care to elaborate?" Kito replies, straining to keep his voice even.

"Aside from being a vampire, what reason do you have for treating Brody like a slave?" simple, I was fucking desperate when we made the deal.

"It's the deal we have. He's not complained in all the years we've been agreeing to it, so why are you, hmm?"

"Because I don't like it." I arch an eyebrow slightly. He doesn't like it? As in, he doesn't like it ‘cause he can hear it, or he doesn't like it because he doesn't want me to be treated like that...?

"And who are you to argue against it?"

"A stubborn asshole." I don't need to be in there to tell that both of them have brought out the bitch face. I can almost feel Kito staring Fate down. They're silent for a worryingly long time, until Fate speaks again, "I gave you my offer." I don't know if he's told to submit, or realises he'll get nowhere without submitting, but either way, Kito grunts and the door opens.

"I'll think about it." Fate walks out, looking like he's resisting the urge to bitch about it, though he smiles when he sees me sitting on the stairs.

I stand up, glancing down to notice that his eyebrow is quirked up and he almost looks like he expects me to be pissed off for some reason. I gesture upstairs and he goes without arguing, though his eyebrow is still raised as I shut the bedroom door behind us.

"So what was your offer?" I ask, lying down on the bed.

"Offer? What offer? Who said anything about an offer?"

"You did," I remind him, attempting to keep a smile off my face at the thought of him not liking that the other wolves treat me like a sex toy.

"Oh    that     offer. It was nothing, really."

"Oh, really? So it's just the noise you don't like, not that I'm practically their slave?" he stares at me like it's a huge shock that I overheard. "C'mon, Fate, what was the offer?"

"It's nothing, seriously."

"You didn't offer to take my place, did you?" I question, pretty much praying that it's not that. It's exhausting, but I don't mind, honest.

"No." Yeah, like I believe that. "It was pretty lame, actually. I offered to do all the cleaning and stuff." Why do I not believe that, either? He chuckles, though and I roll my eyes, letting it drop. There's no point arguing about it. He comes over to me, snuggling up, and I wrap my arms around him in a hug. He plants a kiss on my cheek. "I may even put a maid outfit on, just for you," he giggles. I let out a laugh.

"You'd get raped." And not by me. This house needs some girls. He gives a half chuckle and I cuddle him a little tighter. "I say that, but I'd have to kill them if they touched you." He's quiet and I feel a little pang of worry. Too much? I replay that in my head and I could slap myself. Definitely too much. "Sorry," I mumble kissing his neck, "I didn't mean to get all possessive."

"It's okay."

"Not really. I don't think you're supposed to get possessive over someone you're not even going out with - let alone someone you're not allowed to go out with." So why is it so hard to stop liking him?

"Probably not." I sigh. "What's up?" where would I start? You need to go back to your pack, I need to get away from this one and unless Gen isn't going to rip my head off, I should probably start looking for somewhere else to live. Instead of ranting at him, I give him a short answer that pretty much covers it:

"Just... life." He arches an eyebrow, but I don't say anything else. What else is there to say?


The End

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