Fate: StubbornMature

Turns out I couldn’t just lie there with Brody and wait for this alpha guy to get back. I ended up pacing around what had become my room impatiently. A half awake Brody watched me for a while before speaking.

"What's wrong?"

"What's taking so long?" I grumbled.

"About what?”

"What good is an alpha that's not even around?" I grumbled again.

"He's a busy guy" he rolled over, stretching out over the bed, "what d'you want with him anyway?"

"I want to speak with him"

"About what?"

"Nothing important" I said, giving him a small smile.

"If it's not important, what's getting you so worked up, hmm?" he reached up to catch my hand and I stopped pacing.

"I just... really need to speak to him"

He shifted so he was hanging off the end of the bed on his back and cuddled my legs. I looked down at him and he kissed my thigh.

"Well, after you're done with him, I'm pretty much all yours for the rest of the day. And night, probably. I think they'll all be done for a while"

I smiled, almost buckling and telling him what I was up to. He let go, sitting up and I felt myself getting even more impatient. Which was when blondie decided to show up. Thank God.

"He's downstairs"

"Good" I pecked Brody on the cheek and marched downstairs, putting my business face on.

Blondie followed me and the alpha guy, Kito, was sat in the living room. He looked up as I walked in.

"I don't give a fuck about manners right now. I want to make a deal with you"

He smirked a little. "Because that attitude is really going to make me want to consider anything you have to offer"

I gritted my teeth and he gestured for me to continue.

"Go on then"

"Leave Brody alone and you can do whatever the fuck you want to me"



"Well how's that going to work? the way you say it makes it sound like a permanent deal - which is completely out of the question"

"Fine, same thing for as long as we're here"

He considered it or pretended to, I’m not sure. "No"

My jaw clenched.

"You're not the inferior species, here. The only lesson you apparently need to be taught is manners"

"Yeah? Well I don't like you lot fucking Brody" I said, mumbling at the end "You probably all have fleas anyway"

He growled. "Congratulations, all chances of you getting your way are officially out of the window. Get out of here"


"You're lucky I'm not kicking the both of you out, pup. Get out of here before I change my mind about that too"

I didn’t move, growling as blondie dragged me out of the room.

"Get the fuck off me"

He did once we were out of the room, shutting the door behind him. He glared at my bitch face.

"You're a dick. You know that, right?" I spat.

"How am I a dick?"

"You just are"

"I suggest you go upstairs and calm down and think of a better way of asking" he said, going back into the living room and shutting the door forcefully. I stood there glaring at it when all of a sudden Brody’s voice sounded from the top of the stairs.


I looked up at him.

"What's going on?"


He came down, all showered and dressed and lovely. "Wanna go into town?"

I glared at the door again. "Sure"

He arched an eyebrow but I smiled, wandering outside with him. He squinted a little at the afternoon sun, even though he was all covered up. He put his hood up, taking my hand and I tried not to be grumpy anymore.

"Feel free to tell me what happened" he chuckled a little once we’d gotten to the nearest shopping mall.

"It's nothing"

We hung around while Brody looked for someone to feed on. I watched him as he picked someone out.

"Wait here" he said, pecking me on the cheek before slipping off to feed on someone.

I waited, still pissed off at Kito. Brody came back after a few minutes.

"Wanna go catch a movie?"

I nodded and we headed for the movie theatre. I snuggled up to him once the movie had started and he put an arm around my shoulders. I wasn’t really paying attention, if I’m honest. I was too busy thinking of how to ask again. I’d keep fucking pestering them til they gave in if I had to. I wasn’t letting a single one of them lay another hand on Brody. I’m well aware of how possessive I sound but I don’t really care. I’ve marked that guy as mine way too many times to give up without a fight. I sort of mumbled to myself every now and then whenever I thought I had a good idea. I jumped a little when Brody put his hand in my hair. He looked at me, surprised and I chuckled.


He smiled a little and I leant my head on his shoulder. His fingers twisted in my hair again and he leant his head on top of mine. I went back to thinking, humming a little as he kissed the top of my head. He closed his eyes and I mumbled some more.

"People are gonna start doubting your sanity soon" he said quietly.


"You keep mumbling to yourself"

"Oh... Sorry"

He shrugged a little and I was silent. He kind of watched the movie but I sat in thought for the rest of the thing. I think he glanced at me occasionally but I wasn’t really paying attention.

"C'mon man, what's on your mind?"

I gave him a tiny smile. "It's nothing"

I could so tell he didn’t believe me.

"Reckon Kito'll still be there when we get back?"

Brody shrugged.

"He fucking better be" I mumbled and Brody rolled his eyes. "What? The asshole kicked me out earlier"

He arched an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Manners or something" I shrugged and he tutted a little. "What?"

"If you're gonna ask something off the alpha of a pack that's already doing you a favour, you practically have to beg for a week"

I gritted my teeth but he shrugged.

"Or maybe it's just me" he said thoughtfully. Would make sense seeing as they consider you the ‘inferior species’.

"I'm too stubborn to beg"

The two of us were quiet, then. Jeez, why couldn’t our two species actually get on? Then we wouldn’t be in all this mess.

The End

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