Fate: I PromiseMature

I felt sick as I replayed the sounds in my head. The sound of some wolf fucking Brody. Some mangy, scabby little mongrel fucking the vampire who’d gotten me kicked out of my pack. The vampire who I quite possibly had the hots for. I tried to ignore the wave of nausea that washed over me, not wanting to wake Brody up. The thing I really had to ask myself was why was he letting them do it? I mean, he seemed to spend all day being fucked, only to shuffle over to me and pass out.

I lay there, sort of stroking Brody’s hair and staring at the wall. I was convinced there was an annoying black speck on the wall. Brody snuggled up to me after a while and I shifted a little, getting comfy. I hadn’t even noticed he was awake. He let out an extremely quiet hum and I kept stroking his hair.

"Morning" I said so quietly it was barely more than a whisper.

"Morning" he said, keeping his eyes closed.

I didn’t say anything else, trying to block out the flashbacks. Brody didn’t say anything either, still kind of worn out.

"We're getting out of here" I said after a little while.


"I'm not letting them touch you again" I said, shuddering a little.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not, okay?"

"It's better than having my throat ripped out" he mumbled and I shuddered again.

I went back to staring at the wall, sensing he was kind of sleepy. He’d almost gone back to sleep when I decided to move and go in search of blondie, whatever his name was. Brody leant back on the wall, whining quietly.

"I'm going to speak to blondie"

"About what?"

I didn’t say anything and he groaned, curling up on the bed and pulling the cover over himself. I wandered off to look for blondie, following my nose to a piano. I pretty much snuck up behind him and announced that we were leaving.

He stopped playing. "Is that really a good idea?"

"I don't care if it's a good idea or not"

"Brody was chased out of town by the pack and caused the fight that resulted in you being disowned. What part of leaving the only protection you have seems like a good idea to you?"

"The part where I don't have to listen to him getting fucked by some mongrel"

He bristled a little at the word ‘mongrel’ but frankly I didn’t give a fuck. "We'll put you in a different room, if that's what you want"

I glared. "No one else touches him"

He turned to face me. "That's the deal, Fate, we protect him, and the pack do what the fuck they like to him."

I clenched my jaw.

"He's not being hurt, and honestly, it does him some good to knock his ego once in a while"

My jaw clenched even more.

"If you leave, you put both your lives in danger, and that seems a little excessive to me, to just avoid hearing him getting laid"

I sort of shivered at the thought of him getting fucked by someone else.

"I'll arrange for you to be put in another room, okay?"

I was silent for a little bit. "Leave him out of it"


"Because I said so"

Blondie arched an eyebrow.

"Look, you can do whatever the fuck you want to me, just leave him alone"

"Our deal is with him, not you"

"Well then I'm making a deal"

"You're offering it to the wrong person, kid"

"Better take me to whoever I need to speak to, then" I said, kind of pissed off.

"He's out. And has Brody agreed to this?"

"He doesn't know anything"

"Then maybe you should go talk things out with him, since you two seem to be... together" he said, not exactly looking like he approved of it.


He arched his eyebrow a little bit.


"Nothing. Just you act like a couple, is all"

"Do we?"

He hummed. "You sure it's just the sex noises that are bothering you?"

My jaw clenched again and blondie went back to the piano.

"Go back to bed, Fate. I'll let you know when Kito is back"

I nodded kind of stiffly, fucking off back upstairs when he started playing again. Brody was asleep again and I slipped into bed next to him. I went back to stroking his hair and he snuggled me, not waking up. I stared at the wall again, cuddling back when I felt his arms slip around me. I stroked his cheek. You sleep for now, gorgeous. I’ll make sure everything’s okay, I promise.

The End

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