Brody: you'll talk to him?Mature

The urge to bite the wolf fucking me is so strong that I chew on the pillow to stop myself. I'm so fucking hungry. This is a load of bollocks. The moment he's left the room, I'm getting dressed and climbing out of the window to go find some poor bastard to feed on.


When I'm done, I head back to the house, hoping that no one noticed my absence. Of course, when I get back into my room, Lazarus is sat on the edge of the bed, not looking too impressed.

"You're gonna have to learn how to control your hunger while you're here, Brody," he mutters, his tone more disappointed than angry. It's the alpha who would be angry if he knew I'd broken the rules.

"Yeah? I don't have any feeling left in my ass, and I was starving. All I want to do is talk to Fate and go to sleep." Lazarus stands and opens the door for me.

"I think they're done for today. Go see Fate." I mumble a ‘thanks' and slip past him, letting myself into Fate's room. I frown as he glances up at me, a tiny bit tearful.

"What's wrong?" he hugs his knees to his chest and I shift the seat closer to the edge of the bed, sitting on it. "Fate?" he glances at me again, still saying nothing. I let concern linger on my face as he hugs his knees closer. My frown deepens.

He wipes at his eyes, brushing away the tears gathering on his lashes, not noticing as my face pulls into a sort of upset expression. Why won't he talk to me? I watch as he stares blankly at the floor and struggle to think of something to say. I'm no good at this kind of thing. I've always been an asshole, and I don't see that changing in the next few minutes. I mean, this is quite possibly the first time I've actually cared that someone's upset.

I smell another wolf in the doorway, and look up to see Lazarus stood, watching me fail at trying to get him to talk.

"What's wrong, Fate?" he asks calmly. Fate looks up at him.

"Nothing," he says miserably. I sit back, stung. So he'll answer blondie and not me?

"Doesn't look much like nothing," he replies bluntly.

"I miss them."

"I can persuade Kito to have a word with your alpha, if you like. Genevieve, was it?"

"Yeah. She won't let me back, though. I've fucked them around too many times."

"Worth a shot though, right?" he gives Fate a slight smile.

"I guess."

"As I hear from Brody, there are worse things going on in your town than you fucking a vampire. Sounds like they'll need you more than they realise."

"I'm no good in a fight," he says with a shrug. Blondie tuts at that.

"There's more to being a pack member than fighting, y'know. Anyways, I'll go talk to Kito and see what he can do. Chin up, kid." With that he leaves, abandoning me with him again. Which I wouldn't mind if he would actually talk to me.

"So you'll talk to him but not me?" I sigh and get up, "sorry I got you in this mess, Fate." I take half a step, about to leave, when he holds out his hand. I look at it, taking it when he wiggles his fingers a little. He squeezes my hand and I squeeze back, earning a weak smile from him.

"Want me to stay?" he nods a little and I sit beside him on the bed. You won't talk, but you want me to stay. I sigh inwardly. He makes no sense. I put an arm around him as he leans on me. He kisses my cheek and I smile a little. I kiss his forehead, cuddling him a little closer. I might not understand, but I can do hugs.

"It's not you," he says quietly.


"It's not you. I just don't feel like talking," he explains, still talking quietly. I nod slightly.

"S'okay. Ignore me, I don't understand emotions so well." He gives a quiet hum, even though he still seems kind of tearful. I kind of snuggle with him, trying to not fall asleep on him. He responds with a proper snuggle. I have to bite back a yawn, hoping he doesn't notice it.

Which he does.

"Go to sleep," he says, his voice as muted as before. I shake my head a little, determined to stay awake for him. He prods me and I give him a tiny smile. He returns it with an equally small smile. I peck him on the lips, making him hum. My eyes slide closed, despite my best efforts and I feel him snuggle into me a little more before I'm dead to the world. 


The End

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