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Oh God, what if they got killed? It’d be all my fault. I would’ve killed my entire family over what? I mean, what even were we? Fuck buddies? Something more? Man, how could I be so stupid? Family are forever, Brody was only gonna be around til he got bored of me. He lifted me up onto his back after a minute or so and ran back to the others.

Gen was fighting with the other alpha though I couldn’t make out much of their fight. The others were all stood around but they were still tense. Brody didn’t put me down and, if I’m honest, I kind of didn’t want him to anyway. Theo glared at him and he backed off a little.

"Why are they still fighting?" I asked the air.

"I dunno, I'm not a wolf, I don't understand this kinda shit" Brody answered instead.

"You think this makes sense to me either?"

"You're a wolf, it's s'posed to make at least some kind of sense"

I shrugged. The two of us watched Gen and the other alpha fight til things started getting more violent. I felt Brody tense beneath me and Theo growled at him.

"You're the cause of all this, fangs"

He looked vaguely horrified. "It's not my fault that Gen didn't back down when she was given a fair warning"

"If you'd stayed away from    him    , none of us would be here"

"Or you could've just let him see who he wants"

"The day I let him be with scum like you is the day I disown him"

"Just 'cause I got bitten by the wrong undead creature?"

Theo glared again. "Your kind killed my family. You disgust me"

"That's not my fault, it's not like I was there”

"Do you like the taste of his blood yet?" he asked, chuckling a little.

Brody was silent.


He shrugged a little. "Sure. What of it?"

"How many times have you let him feed on you, Fate?” Theo asked me, sounding kind of disgusted. Guess now isn’t the time to tell him I actually kinda like being bitten...

I shrugged and he shuddered. Brody stayed silent.

"It's disgusting"

Still silent.

Theo growled. "You're both disgusting"

Brody backed off a little more and I wrapped an arm round him. Theo scowled before transforming. I tightened my hold on Brody a little. The blonde wolf from before noticed Theo and transformed as well. Theo all but roared and wolfie was apparently trying to protect me and Brody. Theo bit him, starting a fight when wolfie threw him off. Brody edged away from the fight.

"Where are you going?" I whispered.

"I d0n't know about you, but I don't want get dragged into the fighting" he mumbled.

"I can't leave them"

"Then don't. If I stay, I'll end up getting killed, and at this rate, I can't tell which pack will be killing me"

I tightened my hold again. "I'm not leaving you either"

He looked a little upset. "Sorry"


"This is all my fault"

"It's not"

He arched an eyebrow.

"Who is it that keeps coming back? Me"

"My fault for being so damn irresistible"

He smiled weakly and I hugged him as best as I could. He hugged back as much as he could and under different circumstances, I would’ve enjoyed it.

"Make them stop fighting" I said quietly.


"I don't know, just make them stop"

He watched them for a moment before putting me down and walking right into the middle of the fight. What? Why? Don’t do that, you fucking idiot. Oh good, they haven’t noticed him. The idiot threw a couple of punches to draw attention to himself and Theo glared at him. Brody punched him in the snout and he bit down on Brody’s hand. Brody gritted his teeth, punching Theo again. Theo clamped his teeth down harder but Brody somehow got himself free. Theo growled and Brody backed off a little. Theo launched himself at Brody who scrabbled back some more. Theo tried to corner him and he let him once he’d caught the attention of Scoot and the others. Theo looked like he was about to chew Brody’s face off. Brody ducked, thank God.

"Mind the face, I need that"

Theo growled, going for him again. He dodged again but Theo pinned him down. He tried to get free but Theo kept him pinned, his jaws aimed at Brody’s throat. Wolfie tackled Theo off when he went for Brody’s throat and I forced myself between the two fighting werewolves.

Wolfie backed off, switching back to his human form. "Don't mind me, just doing what I'm obliged to do"

Theo sort of snapped at me and wolfie pulled him back.

"Get lost, Fate" Theo said once he was in human form.


He scowled. "I said get lost"

Brody shot me a kind of sympathetic look.

My jaw dropped. "What? Why?"

"You're not welcome here anymore"

Brody got up off the ground while I stood where I was, confused. What did he mean I ‘wasn’t welcome’? Brody walked over to me as Theo dragged Genevieve away from her fight. Brody mumbled an apology but I was too busy being confused to pay attention.

"Fate?" he asked.


"I didn't think this would happen... M'sorry"

"It's okay... I think..."

"You just got kicked out of your pack and you're saying it's okay...?"

"I... I don't know..."

He bit his lip a little. "You can stay at mine, if you want. Or I can pay for a hotel room..."

"I... I don't... I..."

Concern flashed across his face.

"I don't..."

That look of concern was still there.

And then everything went black.

The End

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