Fate: ScaredMature

Know what’s never nice? Being completely on your lonesome for two days with absolutely no trace of anyone you know. Brody was gone. The rest of the pack was gone. It was just me. And that’s really fucking lame. I put up with it for two days before I was fed up and went to find the fuckers. Brody, the pack, I didn’t care who. I followed my nose, picking up Brody’s scent first. Well, c’mon, it’s kind of hard to miss. I snuck past the pack when I did eventually find them and followed my nose into a bar where a familiar figure sat drinking. I smotherhugged him, making him jump. I grinned at him as he turned round.


"What're you doing here?" he asked, surprised.

I shrugged.

"Did any of your pack follow you in?"


He didn’t look too happy. Gee, thanks. I pouted.

“Hey, Fate, I missed you. Oh, I missed you too, Brody"

He kissed my forehead. “I missed you, I just don't want to start a fight"

He pulled me outside, taking my hand once we were out there. I was just about to kiss him when I smelt wolf. Unfamiliar wolf. Unfamiliar wolf a hell of a lot older than me. Needless to say I tensed up when I saw him. All I noticed was the blonde hair and the pale blue eyes. I was too busy being terrified by an unfamiliar older wolf. He glared at me a little and then at mine and Brody’s hands.

"Who's this?" he asked.

"A friend. I was just escorting him out of town" Brody said. A friend? Wow, thanks.

Wolfie didn’t look impressed with this and I found myself hiding behind Brody a little. Can you blame me? He was older than me. He could probably kick my ass in less than a second.

"He's the one whose pack you're in trouble with, isn't he?"

Brody nodded. He squeezed my hand a little when I stayed hidden behind him. Wolfie wasn’t happy with that, though, and walked around to get a good look at me. He pushed Brody away and kind of glared at me.

"Your pack has been sitting on the edge of town for the last two days. I want them gone."

"Why would they listen to me?" I asked, a little scared at having to speak to him.

"Because if they don't, I can't guarantee that the rest of my pack won't attack."

I bit my lip.

"Tell them to leave my town, and the vampire alone, and we'll leave them alone. Clear enough for you, kid?"

I nodded. I was too fucking terrified to do anything else.

"Good. They have an hour to get the fuck out of my town."

And with that, he walked off.

"Am I allowed to faint now?" I mumbled.

Brody chuckled a little and kissed me. I sort of kissed back, still freaked out by whoever that wolf was. Brody tucked some of my hair behind my ear.

"Guess I'd better walk you back"

I nodded, still busy being scared by this other wolf. He took my hand again, squeezing it a little. I squeezed back and he walked me to the edge of town, wrapping me in a hug once we were there. I hugged back, catching my own scent. God, that’s disgusting. I never did like the smell of fear.

He kissed me. "You better go back and tell your pack to get the hell out"

"They won't listen to me. They never do"

"Well they're gonna have to. No one else is gonna be able to tell them"

I hugged him again and he squeezed me gently.

“I stink" I mumbled.


"Not of you, silly"

"Then what?"

"You can't smell that?"

He arched an eyebrow.


He sniffed and shrugged.

"You're losing your touch"

"I've been sleeping in a house full of werewolves, I can't smell    anything    "

"Why have you been...?"

"They're protecting me. I keep saying I'm not like other vampires, but they're the only ones that have listened so far"

"Was... Was the blonde guy the alpha?"


"He scares me"

"That's kinda the point of the beta" he chuckled, "you should know all about that, though"

"Yeah but Theo's not scary"

"Not to you, he's not"

"Not to anyone"

He arched an eyebrow again.


"I beg to differ"

It was my turn to arch an eyebrow.

I believe it was dear Theo that was with your alpha when I was chased out of my own home"

"Doesn't make him scary"

"Then maybe I just have issues with being chased out of my apartment by two angry werewolves"

I bit my lip a little and he shrugged.

"Either way, you're losing persuasion time"

"They won't listen"

"I don't know what to suggest, Fate. If I go with you, they'll just kill me"

I sighed. "I'll think of something, I guess"

He kissed me again and I kissed back. Why couldn’t everyone just fucking chill out?

“I’ll stay nearby" he said and was gone.

I sighed again, trying to work out where Brody was by scent. I couldn’t, though, he smelt too much like wolf. Right, now how the fuck am I s’posed to persuade Genevieve and the others to leave?

The End

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