Brody: WolvesMature

When I wake up, I wake up alone, still in that shitty motel. I lie there for a couple of minutes, kind of wishing I'd at least gotten a kiss goodbye or something, but I guess he had to go and make himself stop smelling of me or something. With a sigh, I haul myself up off the bed and get dressed again, dragging myself back home.

I stick my clothes in the wash when I get back and sit in the shower for about an hour, trying to scrub the smell of dog off me.

I think I succeeded.

I wander over to my desk, take a look at that overdue plan for the library and, pulling on a pair of boxers first, I get to work. I'm gonna finish that fucking thing today, and then I'll get dressed, and take it to the office and tell people I nearly died or something to get out of trouble.


I'm just rolling the plan up to put in a tube to take to the office when there's a nasty bang and the sound of splitting wood. That sounded a lot like my front door. I tut to myself and put the plan tube down on my desk, looking round in time to see an angry wolf throwing herself at me. Ah, Fate's alpha. This should be... fun.

I stagger back, almost losing my balance as I shove her off me onto the floor. She drags me down with her, "I warned you, fangs."

"What did I do now?" I ask innocently.

"You fucking know what," she growls.

"No," I mutter, detaching her hands from me and picking myself back up, "I don't." She jumps up, glaring at me.

"You know perfectly well, fangs," she accuses.

"Well I'm gonna take a wild guess that he came home smelling of vampire, but I can assure you, it wasn't me," I smile calmly, gesturing over at my desk, "I've been working." Her claws swipe across my face, leaving behind a bitch of a sting. I don't drop the calm composure. Much.

"You're the only vampire he'll let fuck him. Stop lying." I grit my teeth a little.

"Am I really the only vampire he'll let in his pants? I don't think I am."

"We know all about Brendon so don't even try it."

"Have you asked the old guy about it? ‘Cause last time I saw him, he was telling me all about how you and your pack were going to meet a rather nasty end, and that he was going to get a ‘last decent use' out of Fate, I believe he called it," I do my best to turn my smirk into a smile, "now, I have to be at the office, I'd appreciate if you'd let me go, now."

"He's always convinced we're about to die. And you're not going anywhere." I roll my eyes and put on my jacket. I don't care if you don't want me to leave, I'm fucking leaving. She shoves me back as I try to pass her and I give her a withering look. She lets out a low growl, "I warned you," she says, getting ready to transform.

"Don't bother, dog. I don't particularly feel like hurting a friend's alpha."

"It's not me you should be worried about."

"Well, you're the one threatening to rip my throat out. Why should I not worry about you?" Instead of answering, the bitch transforms.

And bites me. On the thigh.

That kinda hurts, y'know?

I grunt as her teeth sink into my flesh, cursing her loudly. I mean c'mon. I've only got so many pairs of smart trousers. I take the jacket off, throwing it down on the bed - aside from saving it, it makes it easier to move.

I throw a punch, trying to make her let go. She lets go. But she attaches herself to my hand instead. I punch her again with my free hand, forcing her to let go. The moment her teeth are out of my arm, I push her down onto the floor and flit over to the other side of the apartment, trying to give myself some time to heal.

Well, that was the plan. There happens to be another angry wolf in the doorway. I follow my feet into the kitchen and shut myself in, giving myself at least enough time to get out of the window. I cling to the wall outside and push the window shut again, making sure that I'm silent the entire time as I sort of make my way along the wall, climbing around the building to the window that I put my desk under. I reach in carefully and take the plan from my desk, watching as the wolves plot in the living room.

As I climb away again, I hear a couple of thumps on the kitchen door. And then another horrible sound of that door being shattered too. What's the point of doing up your apartment all nice if all you're gonna do is make enemies with the local wolf pack and have your place destroyed?

Spotting a couple of wolves on the ground, I make my way upwards, heading for the roof of the apartment block.

Of course, they've put wolves up here too. The second I have a good enough footing, I'm gone, racing along the rooftops away from them, ignoring them snapping at my heels as I leave them behind. They're more than happy to chase after me, unfortunately, which means I'll have to fill in the paper work later on. But I can deal with that. I'm not gonna fill it out on the run.

I drop it off at reception, but I'm no more than a breeze to them. After that's done, all I do is run. I know exactly where I'm going, and I hope this will work in my favour, rather than against.

And I get the feeling that Fate's pack are willing to wait as long as it'll take for me to come back.


The End

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