Fate: Sounds GoodMature

We’d been snuggling for a while and I couldn’t help but wonder if he’d fed. He was paying my neck a fair bit of attention, anyway. "Aren't you hungry?"

"A bit" he was lying, I could tell.

"You know I don't have a problem with you feeding on me"

"I know. I can't just use you for feeding, though"

I chuckled a little. "You could always use me for something else as well"

He smirked a little. "Is that a hint?"

"It might be"

He kissed me hard, trailing his hand down slowly as I kissed back. I kissed his neck and he tilted his head a little, palming me. I moaned, giving him a hickey and he hummed, pulling his shirt off. I kissed his chest, sucking on his collarbone when I felt his fingers in my hair. He pushed a couple fingers in my mouth and I sucked on then, trying not to fall into the familiar old pattern I had with Brendon. Asshole.

 “M'not used to other people doing that" I said as he stretched me, planting a kiss on my lips.

He chuckled slightly.

"M'not used to not using my blood as lube, either"

He arched an eyebrow at that and I blushed a teeny bit.

"He used to bite my fingers first"

He kissed me again. "As much as I love blood, I wouldn't go as far as using it as lube" he smiled.

"Well, I say he used it as lube..."

"I'll stick to normal lube"

He finger fucked me a little and I let out a shaky moan. "That's more than I got from him"

He pushed me down.  "Shh" he pressed a finger to my lips, still finger fucking me.

I kissed his finger and he smiled, kissing my neck. I tilted my head, moaning a little as he grazed my neck with his teeth. He stripped, lubing up and I kissed him hard, sort of pushing him onto his back. What can I say? I’m used to being on top. He moaned as I started moving, pulling me down for a kiss. I tilted my head as a kind of instinct, waiting for him to bite me. But he moved his lips round, kissing me. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. He flipped us over as I kissed back and he fucked me. I’d nearly reached my end when I felt his teeth on my neck. I let out a moan at it and wrapped my hands around his neck, sort of keeping him there. I’d always had something about having my blood drunk...

He drank from me, jerking me off at the same time. I shut my eyes, breathing hard. My heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest, it was going that fast. He kept going and I kept moaning, more at him drinking my blood than jerking me off, though. He finished drinking, healing me and I kissed him hard, shifting my hips a little. He matched it, fucking me a little harder.


The two of us were cuddled up after and I was having trouble getting my breathing back to normal. Brody ran a hand through my hair which didn’t really help with slowing down my breathing.

"How'd you know to bite me?" I asked a tiny bit breathlessly.

"Hmm?" he shrugged. "Felt right"

I smirked a tiny bit. "You don't mind feeding on me now, then?"

"I didn't mind in the first place; I'm just capable of treating you like more than a pet"

"Even if I'm used to it?"

He nodded. "I might be a vampire, but I'm not completely inhuman" he smiled a little.

I smiled back and he kissed me. I kissed back, making him hum but felt my face pull into a sad expression.

"What's up?" he asked.

"I don't want you to have to leave"

He kissed my cheek and I sighed.

He cuddled me a little more. "I'll only be in the next room. I can hardly wander around smelling of you"

"But then what? I can't be around you so long as I'm with the pack"

"We sneak off over here and have a secret love affair that will eventually be found out and inspire an all out war and a lot of shit fiction?" he chuckled.

I giggled. "Sounds good"

He smiled, kissing me. I kissed back and we snuggled up to each other again. I played with his hair, making him hum.

"Go to sleep" I whispered. He was getting sleepy, I could tell.

He leant his head on my shoulder, shutting his eyes. I moved my hand up to his hair, twisting the strands between my fingers. He kissed my shoulder, eventually falling asleep. I kissed his forehead and slipped out of his arms, getting dressed silently. I didn’t want to leave, honest, but I knew if I stayed I’d never go.

The End

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