Fate: FlashbackMature

I flopped on the bed in the seedy little motel room I’d rented. The stench of sex and sweat that emanated from the mattress was almost unbearable but I did my best to cover myself in it regardless. Seedy motels that were used more for sleeping around than sleeping covered up other scents better. Especially the scent of vampire. How had I discovered that?



“Fate” he purred.

I looked up from where I lay on the bed. Brendon never took me anywhere nice. I wasn’t expecting a five star hotel or anything but something a little classier than a sleazy motel would’ve been nice. He glanced at me, already in just my boxers, and smiled. He slipped off his suit jacket and started undoing his tie. I grinned at him, nerve endings already bristling in anticipation. He was shirtless in seconds, using his unnatural speed to cross the distance from the door to the bed in a momentary blur.

“Brendon” I hummed.

I’d gotten used to his stench. That’s the only problem with vampires; the older they get, the worse they smell. He smiled a little more, leaning forward and kissing me. I kissed back hungrily but he leant back, just that tiny bit too far away for me to reach.

“Now, now, Fate. You know the rules” he chuckled.

He was right. I did know the rules. I picked the small pocket knife he gave me up, watching it glint in the dim light of the room. I ran the blade across two of my fingers, watching as the crimson blood dribbled out of me. Brendon gripped my fingers, slipping them into his mouth and drinking a little. That wasn’t how things worked, though. Brendon practically tore my boxers off and I set to work stretching myself as he stripped. He picked me up like a ragdoll, skipping the lube as he eased me down onto his member.

“I love you, Fate” he whispered against my cheek.

 I shivered, his breath colder than I’d been expecting. I tilted my head a little, all too aware of what was coming next. His lips ghosted over my skin, making their way down the vein in my neck. I moaned as his teeth sunk into my neck, shifting my hips a little. He gripped my hips once he’d had his fill, my cue to start moving. He pulled me down as if to kiss me every now and then but his mouth didn’t meet mine. It met my throat, lapping up the blood that was still steadily seeping out of the puncture left behind by his teeth. And just like always, when I was close to the edge, he flipped us over and fucked me instead of relying on me to move.

“I love you” he whispered again once we were done.

I hated how little time it took him to recover. He’d be dressed again and out the door before I even stood a chance of getting my breathing in order. And the sad thing was, I loved him.

The End

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