Brody: what the...?Mature

I stare at the seat where Brendon was less than a second ago. What. Was. That. About? I look slowly up at Fate. He looks about as horrified as I am confused. I stare. And he still looks kind of horrified.

"Wanna go back now? I'm done with being stalked by creepy old men." He nods and I stand, taking his hand as we walk back. About halfway back, he lets go and I don't hold on, not wanting to push it or anything. I frown slightly, though. Did Brendon really shake him up that bad?

"Coffee?" I ask as we walk back into my apartment.

"Sure," he says. Still frowning, I make us both a mug of coffee and pass him his, sitting on the counter to drink mine. He doesn't sit or lounge about like he usually does, and sort of sips at his coffee. For once, I can't think of anything to say. I don't wanna ask about whatever happened between him and Brendon, ‘cause as curious as I am, I don't want my face ripped open by an angry wolf. That's what's gonna happen to my throat later on. I'm not looking forward to that, y'know.

As I'm sitting there being awkward, Fate puts his coffee down, pushing his lips against mine and kissing hard. I'm kinda surprised, but I'm not gonna let that stop me. As I kiss back, he moves my hands down to his ass and I arch my eyebrow slightly. But like I said, don't think that the weirdness is gonna stop me.

Unless he tries to fuck me. That might be a step too far.

He kisses harder and I slip off the counter, sliding my hands up under his shirt. He pushes a hand into my pants, and I can't help wondering who's gonna top today. I mean, it's not like I don't let people fuck me, but it takes a while for me to let them. I push against his hand and kiss down his neck, resisting the temptation to have another drink from him. I think I'm getting used to the taste already. It's not half bad, if you can put up with the smell.

As he palms me, I can't help myself. My teeth sink into his neck, but he doesn't seem to mind - it actually makes him moan a little. I pull back and lick at the blood that trickles down his neck, cleaning and closing the wound. He pulls a moan from my own lips as he palms me more, nearly making me bite him again. Not that he seems to care.

I tug at his shirt, lifting it over his head and off as he undoes my pants. I dunno whether to dominate as usual, or whether I'm supposed to let him fuck me. I've never been confused before. I blame Brendon. He's the one who's fucking with my head. I try to clear my head and just work on instinct as I undo his pants too, pushing them down as he slides my shirt off, kissing me hard. I very nearly don't match it. Uh oh.

He shuffles us towards the bedroom, and I let him. He pushes me down on the bed and straddles me. Guess that's it, huh? I put one hand on his hip, pushing the other into his boxers. He lets out a small moan and I jerk him off a little. He bends down and kisses me and I kiss back, still going. If you're gonna fuck me, then fuck me, man.

He bites down on my lip a little, eliciting a quiet moan from me. We strip each other of our boxers and he kisses me again, lubing me up. Which is kind of a surprise. I kiss back, and he stretches himself. I replace his fingers with mine, finger fucking him for a bit, smiling as he moans. After a minute or so, I pull my fingers back, lifting him up and bringing him back down over my member.


Surprisingly, there's no post-sex snuggling. Usually he's so clingy, but he's already putting his boxers back on. I watch him, a little confused, though I keep that off my face. He disappears off into the living room to get the rest of his clothes. I put my own boxers back on and sit on the end of the bed, listening as he slips back into his clothes.

"See you next time, yeah?"

"...Sure. If your alpha hasn't killed me before then."

"I'll hide til the scent wears off," he tells me with a shrug. I nod slightly.

"Okay. See you around, then." Stay. I want my snuggle, bitch.

"Yeah," he says and leaves without another word. I flop back on my bed.

The sex was great and everything, but seriously, what the fuck?


The End

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