Brendon: Have You Forgotten?Mature

The second Fate disappeared to empty his bladder, I sat down on the bench next to Brody. I appeared in the blink of an eye, intending on wasting as little time as possible. I am well aware of what you must think of me for spying on them but frankly I do not care.

"I said stay away from him"

Brody jumped. "He came to see me, not the other way round"

"The second time I've heard that excuse"

"It's hardly an excuse if it's the truth"

"There is nothing stopping you from sending him away"

"The alpha already said that if he goes back smelling of vampire, she's gonna rip my throat out. I'm just enjoying my last day alive"

"Well then, you will just have to make sure he doesn't go back"

He arched an eyebrow at me. Foolish boy, it really is quite simple.

"I think you know what I'm saying, Brody"

"I'm not gonna stop him going back, Brendon"


He fell silent. It would have been best if he was silent for considering my suggestion but I knew he wasn’t.

"Stay away from him" I warned again.


"Because I said so"

"That's not a valid reason, sorry mate"

"He will only cause you trouble"

"Like you showing up in my life hasn't"

"I mean it"

"I'm sure you do"

"We need you alive, Brody. And keeping that    dog     around will only threaten that"

"I'm getting to quite like that    dog    . He might make a good pet, even if he does smell"

I clenched my jaw and he smiled a little arrogantly at me.

"See to it that he is out of the picture"

He pouted. "I always wanted a dog"

"Then buy one" I growled.

"I like this one"

I opened my mouth to say something but the wolf returned. Dear, sweet Fate. Brody smiled happily at him but he just stared at me in shock. I chuckled. My, my, it had been a while. Brody watched on, confused.

"Wh... What's he doing here?" Fate stuttered out.

"Telling me to stop seeing you"

I smiled and he shrunk back a little, causing Brody to glare at me a little.

"It's been a while, Fate" I said, making him shrink back more.

Brody sighed, rolling his eyes. "Okay, I get that you two have some freaky past that neither of you are ever going to tell me, but seriously. I'm trying to enjoy my last day with my throat intact. Piss off, Brendon"

"Now, now, Brody. I am just saying hello to an old friend"

"He doesn't look like he wants you to say hello. Or anything else, for that matter"

I chuckled. I love the young. They think they know so much when they know so little.

"Is my point not clear enough for you, old man?"

I ignored him, choosing instead to speak to Fate again. "I see you let him feed from you"

He sort of nodded and Brody growled a little.

"Have you forgotten what I said?"

Fate shook his head, making Brody glare at me.

I hummed, getting up and stroking Fate’s cheek in a matter of seconds.

"You just keep in mind what I told you, Fate"

"You're asking for a punch in the face, y'know that?" Brody growled and I smiled.

"I know"

And with that, I disappeared from sight. Let us just hope he took my advice to heart.

The End

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