Brody: paranoid.Mature

I put on a horror. I don't know what one, all I know is it had lots of fake blood and screaming. It kept me awake, at any rate. Well. I say awake. What I really mean is I was half awake, and that's good enough for me.

It wasn't good enough for Fate, apparently. He kept prodding me whenever he noticed I was getting sleepy. I can't help it. He did happen to wake me up in the middle of the day.

Once the movie's over, he prods me more and I scowl at him.

"What? I'm awake, I'm awake!" he just gives me a huge grin.

"Let's go somewhere."


"Somewhere outside where they sell lots of food."

"Sure. Just don't get all excited and scent over everything. That stank, by the way," I tell him, getting up to go put on a load of sun screen. He laughs.

"That's kind of the point."

"I could smell it all the way up here, Fate. It kept me awake." He smirks and I glare at him.

"Did it make you think about me?"

"It made me think about hitting you, yeah," I growl and he gives me this innocent look. "Seriously, it was disgusting. Don't do it again," I mutter, pulling my shirt back on. Sweater, or no sweater...?

"Don't blame me, it's a wolf thing."

"I blame you entirely. Stop blaming the fact you're a wolf." No sweater.

"I can't help it if I was high," he pouts. High...? I arch my eyebrow at him. "I can't be bothered to explain it." I wonder vaguely if it's like how I feel in the seconds before I feed, before shrugging it off and wandering back into the living room. Don't worry the irony of calling it a living room hasn't escaped me. Fate's just lounging around on the sofa and I look at him expectantly as I pick up my wallet. He drags himself up like it's some kind of a chore and follows me outside.

"So, where to, Fido? I mean Fate."

"Like I said, somewhere outside that sells food," he says, glaring at me. I smile innocently.

"Well, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm not a big fan of food these days. Or being outside when it's still this bright. So you're gonna have to show me where the market is." He shows me where this market is, insisting on holding my hand. I don't mind, I guess. I'm going to have my throat ripped out as it is.

I didn't think anyone could physically eat as much as this guy is. It's not even the cost of what he's buying that disturbs me, it's just that he doesn't seem to want to stop.

"Want some?" he asks, offering me some of his ice cream. I shake my head, earning a giggle from him, "More for me," he says, devouring it in record time. "That's really creepy, y'know."


"You watching me eat. It's creepy," he says and I blink. Oops. I hadn't even realised I was watching him.

"Sorry," I mutter, looking away.

"At least pretend to eat something if you're gonna watch me." I look around at the stalls, feeling vaguely ill at the thought.

"Why do I have to pretend to eat something?"

"Makes it less creepy," he says and I shrug, keeping my eyes off Fate. He goes back to eating, but I look around a little. I kinda feel like there's someone watching us. "Where now, fangs?" Fate asks when he's finally done eating.

"Dunno. Where d'you wanna go?" I ask, well aware that my voice sounds as distracted as I feel. I'm convinced I'm just being paranoid again, but... I can't seem to shake the feeling that someone's following us.


"You pick. Somewhere with more people..." the more people there are, the less likely someone is confront us or cause a scene, right?

"Um... Park?" I shake my head, spewing out the first excuse I can think of. ‘Cause a park's kinda open, right? And there's plenty of opportunity to confront someone and have no one notice or care.

"Somewhere inside, Fate. I'm gonna start burning up soon."

"The mall, then?" I nod and walk in the direction of the mall. The bright lights and loud noises and the concentrated smell of blood would do my head in, but it would feel safer. Hopefully. Fate seems totally oblivious to my paranoia, skipping a little as I walk with him into the building.

"You're no fun."

"It's too hot for skipping." That's an even more lame excuse, but whatever.

"No fun," he insists. I roll my eyes and buy us both a slushie. It might distract me from the sensory overload, at least. I know, I know, I go clubbing, I should be able to deal with it. Truth is, I've always hated malls. They're completely different. Screaming children and commercialism never really agreed with me. I hardly notice as he thanks me. I'm just more used to having to control myself in an environment where it's a lot easier to distract myself, I guess. That and the point of going clubbing is to find someone to drink from.

I drag Fate over to a bench, wrapping my free arm around his waist as he sits on me. He kind of snuggles and I bury my head between his shoulder blades. I don't care how nauseating the stink of dog is - it's better than the smell of the blood around us. He giggles, humming when I stay like that.

"This is nice," Fate's voice kind of sounds weird where I've got my head pressed into his back. I'm tempted to tell him just how bad he stinks, but y'know, he's kinda standing between me and the people doing their shopping right now.

"Why do you always seem to be hungry when I see you?" he asks when my stomach lets out an angry growl.

"Because I've been out in the sun and I'm surrounded by human blood that I can't touch," I mumble into his back.

"You're welcome to mine," he says. You taste weird.

I'm not sure I care right now. I move up and kiss his neck, running my tongue over the throbbing vein just under his skin. I glance around, waiting for a couple of kids to go by before I sink my teeth in, doing my best to make it look like I'm just giving him a hickey. 


The End

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