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All those times I’d said being a werewolf sucked... You can just go ahead and forget those. I stood under the dazzling full moon with my pack, my family. I smiled as the moonlight washed over me, forcefully changing my form. The dull ache that came with the slow transformation soon replaced itself with the euphoria of being free. Under the full moon’s spell, we weren’t humans charading as wolves, we were wolves. All we knew were our instincts. Well, those and the near orgasmic call of the moon. We snuggled. A lot.


I woke up the next afternoon in a pile with Dash and Chase. Dash and Chase were like my brothers since they were the closest to my own age. Well, they looked the same age as me. I wouldn’t like to guess how old they actually were, even if Chase did still act like a child. I pulled myself out from underneath them and wandered into the kitchen, seeing Genevieve already awake.

“You’re not seeing that vampire again” she said as I tried to remember how to use the coffee machine.

“Why not?”

“Because I said so”

She fucked off before I could protest and left me standing there, pouting and confused.

I already knew what I was going to do that night when the moon forced us to change again. I snuck away from the pack and headed for Brody’s place, marking my scent on and around the building. I’m pretty sure he saw me but he didn’t do anything about it. Which is kind of handy since I would’ve probably ended up attacking him.

I snuck back to the pack who had given up hunting, choosing instead to lounge around in the grass. I snuggled up next to Chase and I smiled a little at the thought of what I’d just done. Have you ever seen a wolf smile? It looks fucking weird.


I woke up that morning with a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. My tired and cuddly brain instantly assumed it was Brody and I turned in his arms to kiss him. But when I turned, I wasn’t met with the tanned face of the vampire. I was met with the pale face of my pack-brother. Scoot.

I grinned, kissing his nose. I hadn’t seen Scoot in months and here he was. Kissing his nose didn’t wake him up but wrapping him in a bear hug did.

“Calm down there, kiddo” he chuckled, already looking tired.

“But I haven’t seen you in ages” I said, burying my head in his neck.

I breathed in his scent and was met with the familiar tang of wolfsbane. See, Scoot fancied himself as a bit of a revolutionary. He’d worked out a dosage of wolfsbane that wouldn’t kill a werewolf, just make it a little sick. Now, that seems pointless since if any hunter’s putting wolfsbane into your system, they’re hardly going to ask how much you want. But, his method of self-administering wolfs bane was, in a way, building a resistance to it. Plus under the effects of wolfs bane you can’t transform which means you use all that pent up energy at full moon. And since full moon is when we attack things if we need to, pent up energy is great. I opened my mouth to say something but he shushed me before going back to sleep. Fine then, I’ll go see Brody.


I knew Brody had seen me the night before because my scent had been washed off the building. It was still faintly there but it wasn’t strong enough to pick up until you were facing it. That’s mean. I pressed the door buzzer, waiting for him to answer. But he didn’t.

I looked around, glancing up at the sun. It was kind of early, I guess. He could’ve just been asleep still. I tried the buzzer again but there was still no answer. I kept pressing it, getting a tiny bit more annoyed each time there was no answer. But I got one eventually. After about twenty minutes of door buzzing.

"Took your time, asshole" I muttered.

"Don't call me an asshole, I value my life"

"Let me in"

"Your alpha will rip my throat out. I don't think so, Fate"

"Please. I wanna see you"

"If you go back smelling of me, it'll be the last time you do ever see me"


He buzzed me in and I let out an excited little ‘yay’ before dashing up to his place. I resisted the urge to jump on him, settling on just huggling him instead.

"You're gonna get me killed, y'know?" he said, huggling back.


"Your darling alpha told me that 'if there's even a hint of vampire on you', she's gonna rip my throat out"

I nuzzled him. "She won't"

 I pecked him on the lips, smiling as he kissed back. "You don't seem so concerned about dying anymore"

"I might as well enjoy being alive while I can"

I chuckled at that.


I nodded, making myself at home on his couch while he made some coffee. He came over with the coffees and I drank some of mine, licking my lips kind of like a dog.

Brody noticed, though, and seemed to find something odd about it. "How d'you ever survive around other humans?"

"Who says I did?" I grinned and he shook his head a little. I shrugged. "I don't see many humans"

"Just as well, really"

I glared at him. “What's that s'posed to mean?"

"What's what supposed to mean?" he pulled an innocent face and I prodded him. "What? It's not my fault that you act like a dog when you're in human form"

"I do?" I arched an eyebrow and he nodded. "Huh"

He smiled slightly. It’s nothing to smile about.

"I don't, do I?"

"You really do"

"How?" I asked, sulking a teeny tiny bit.

He shrugged. "Just little things. But if you're not around humans that much, it won't be a problem"

I hummed a little. "I haven't properly been around humans for about... four years"

"How come?"

"Things changed"

I snuggled up to him when he didn’t say anything. "It's okay, y'know? I don't have some horrible tragic past"

He shrugged and I giggled a little.

"My parents think I'm travelling round the world"

"You ever gonna come back from this amazing trip around the world?"


"Harsh, man. Don't leave them hanging"

"How do I explain the lack of photos and souvenirs and stuff? Or the werewolf thing?"

He shrugged again. "You don't have to come back alive, y'know"


"My parents think I got hit by a train. At least they know I'm not coming back"

"I'll think about it" I said, snuggling him more.

He looked at me but I was too busy snuggling to meet his gaze.

“I don't think I've ever met anyone as cuddly as you"

"S'just the full moon. Makes all of us snuggly for a few days"

"So... why me?"


"Why not snuggle someone in the pack? Why a vampire?"

I shrugged. Brody was getting sleepy, I could tell. Sleepy’s no good to me, vampire boy.

I prodded him. "Not you as well"

"What? It's really early for me"

I pouted.

"You're getting your snuggle, don't complain"

"I would've stayed at home if I wanted sleepy snuggles"

"Then keep me awake" he yawned and I prodded him.

He glared and I grinned, prodding him again.

"We can go out somewhere in a couple of hours if you want - when the sun's not so strong" That’s more like it, fangs.

"Sure. The boys won't be awake for hours yet"

"You're still gonna smell of me"

"I'll deal with that later"

He nodded. "Movie?"

“Sure” I smiled.

Movies mean snuggles. Snuggles are good.

The End

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